A Roundtable of Wisdom

After Thanksgiving dinner I sat down with my two grandmothers and talked shop.

Spencer Kresie and Michael Cavenee talk about how the influential people and events in our lives led us to where we are.

In this interview, conducted in December 2018 in Plano, Texas, Spencer Kresie (16) interviews his step-father Michael Cavenee (61) regarding his childhood in Iowa and the path of his career. Mr. Cavenee described a large variety of memories, such as...

Mom and Christopher wanna

We talked about my moms life moving from Jamaica, how she met my dad, and her line of work.

Interviewing a Real Estate agent

I interviewed my younger brother Renzo who is a Real Estate agent. Renzo shared his knowledge about Real Estate and talked about his experience in the business.

The Economic Crash of 2008-Realtors perspective

Phil Vilardo tells us about how the economic crash of 2008 effected his realtor company, Walnut Management.

The Great Listen

I interviewed my mom about many topics such as life lessons, our family heritage, her childhood, her education, her marriage, her jobs, civic engagement, and religion. I learned lots of new things!