great recession interview

this is 15 questions that are answered about the recession of 2007-2013

The Recession of 2008 Interview

Listening to my dad’s understanding of the Great Recession

Interview With Dad

My dads opinion and knowledge on the 2008 Recession.

Great Recession of 2008

Interview your parents on their impact of the Great Recession

Tatiana Cox Lopez and Mario Cruz

Tatiana Cox Lopez (37) and her husband and business partner, Mario R. Cruz (47), discuss the stresses of having a two-month-old baby during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, sustaining their family during the pandemic yet being able to establish...

The Great Recession

my name is Austin Rodriguez, and I interviewed one on my siblings about the Great Recession for a history project.

Economics project: Interview on the 2008 Recession

An interview with my mother Monique Henderson about her experience with the 2008 recession.

Margo Bubb and Stacey DelVecchio

Colleagues and friends Margo Bubb (54) and Stacey DelVecchio (44) discuss the early history of the Society of Women engineers, their work with Caterpillar (CAT), and their paths to the engineering field.

8-1 recession interview assignment

This is an interview for the recession project.

Family interview about the Great Recession

This is a Middle School 8th Grade Social Studies project about the Great Recession.

Kelly Dozier and Laurie Dozier III

Laurie Dozier III (71) interviews his wife, Kelly Dozier (61), about LeMoyne Arts, where Kelly serves as the Board Lead Director. They discuss Kelly's passion for the work she does, the art center's award winning Chain of Parks Art Festival,...

S.S. Interview Project

We talked about the Great Recession mostly and how it impacted people and my family during that time period.

Joe Dobrowits

I talk with my father about work, the recession of 2008, and 9/11.

Economics Interview
November 25, 2023 App Interview

I asked my uncle questions about economic issues. We talked about recession and unemployment

Great Recession

We talked about the Great Recession

The 2008 Election

Chris and Jackie Wiegand discuss their experiences with the presidential election in 2008. They include advice to future voters and their impressions of where the rhetoric is headed.

Great Recession Interview

We talked about the Great Recession and how it affected the U.S.