Learning about the past and looking to the future

In this interview I sit with my Papa as he reflects on his past and looks to the future.

2 minute reflection

A reflection of the great thanksgiving listen interview

I talk to my mother about her thoughts about me, primarily during me younger years of life.

I sit down an talk to my mother about her personal thoughts of me, her youngest son, over the years I’ve been around. For some reference the person named Kyle who’s mentioned a couple times is my older brother of...

Reflection about broadcasting subject

This is an interview about my reflection to the audio assignment, making waves and also video assignment.

Conversation with Christian and Peter

My Father and I talk about his pasture and current life and what it means to him. He tells me about things like family, religion and life as a whole.


In this interview I ask my sister about her life and the things that she enjoyed and what makes her proud .

Stella K.

Stella interviewed her mom about her mother dying of cancer.

Interview with my dad AS

A conversation with my dad about his upbringing and reflecting on his life.

interview with my dad 2

A discussion with my dad on his upbringing and reflecting on his life.

Bob Short discusses his life philosophy and how he began creating art.

89 year old Bob Short relays the meaning behind some of his art pieces while imparting his life philosophy.

Sou Pin’s Reflection

Interviewed my friend, Sou Pin, about her reflection.

Maddison’s interview

This is a interview about Maddison Long a smart individual that is in the 12th grade. It talks about her view on her childhood and about her perception of herself.

Triumphs and defeats

A short life reflection if Adrian Luna and possibly his most traumatic experiences

Discussion with my dad.

In this discussion I asked asked various questions regarding his youth, professional career, family (memories and values), etc.