My cousin Ashley

Even though I get to talk to my cousin a lot this interview reflects on life and our relationship

Tiffany and Ray

Tiffany (17) talks with her father Ray (55) about his childhood and journey to America.

A Father Son Talk

A son interviews his father about his life experiences and how pride, lessons, reflection, legacy, and advice all shaped and guided him to success. The conversation is filled with numerous valuable takeaways that can be applied by anyone. As well...

Interview with Course-mate about Reflection

I had interview my friends also my course-mate about the reflection to ITB and Making Waves in this semester. Friends’ Name : Looi Weng Ler , Chong Hui Ling

Maddison’s interview

This is a interview about Maddison Long a smart individual that is in the 12th grade. It talks about her view on her childhood and about her perception of herself.

Interviewing someone reflection

Interview to a course mate about her reflection

Reflection of Broadcasting Course

This is my reflection of Broadcasting course.

What is like to grow up in a different country.

Just how life itself can be different for someone who was born in a differnt country.How does not having a good income of money or a job to help your family can be very hard when you are just a...

interview with my dad 2

A discussion with my dad on his upbringing and reflecting on his life.

Stella K.

Stella interviewed her mom about her mother dying of cancer.

Berry So Far Reflection

Charles’s experiences so far at Berry College. Charles is a freshman in college and a nursing major.

Grandparents day interview Ian Espinal

Me and my grandfather talk about his life for Saa-SDS grandparents day.

Betty Carroll 2017

We talked about what my Grandma’s life as a child was like, the most influential people on her life, what she’s most proud of, how her life is different from how she imagined it would be as a child, what...

Reflecting On The Life of Jordan Wigdor

My dad talks about his experiences in life, as well as advice for me, eventually raising my own family.

Bei Zhang and Amy Bourgeois

In this short recording, two colleagues recollected how they first met and got to know each other. Then they shared their experience about a workshop that is designed to help people using reflection and writing to cope with the challenges...

Coffee shop

Interview a woman I met at the Berkshire mall

Sage’s interview

For English, we we're told to pick one important person in our life to interview and I chose my friend Sage.

I talk to my mother about her thoughts about me, primarily during me younger years of life.

I sit down an talk to my mother about her personal thoughts of me, her youngest son, over the years I've been around. For some reference the person named Kyle who's mentioned a couple times is my older brother of...

Jill Rice

I interviewed my mother to ask her about her reflections of life and the lessons she has learned over the years. She has been a mother for 20 years and has been through a lot. I conducted this interview at...

Watergate Reflection 50 Years Later

Reflection almost 50 years laters on the Watergate Scandal and how it affected America and still does today