Anne Ripley and Sharron Dorr

Anne Ripley (76) is interviewed by her friend, Sharron Dorr (76), about Anne's volunteer work with the International Committee of the Red Cross in Cambodia during the time of the Khmer Rouge.

Yingcho Saechao and Janit Saechao

Janit Saechao (28) interviews her grandmother Yingcho Saechao (67) about living in a refugee camp in Thailand, how she decided to adopt her sister's daughter, and what their life was like when they first came to the US.

Quang’s Life

My father, Quang, struggled with moving from Vietnam to the United States because of the new language he had to learn and had encountered many problems because of it.

Marvin Walthall and Nejra Sumic

Marvin Walthal (37) speaks with his wife Nejra Sumic [no age given] about her childhood memories of fleeing to Spain as a refugee from Bosnia and Herzegovina, her early experiences and first impressions of coming to America, and her work...

Jeff Thungc and Mae Thungc

Jeff Thungc (49) speaks with his daughter Mae Thungc (23) about becoming a refugee, living in a refugee camp in Thailand with his family, their Mien culture, and his hopes for the future.

Thear Suzuki and Lea Zikmund

New friends Thear Suzuki (46) and Lea Zikmund (23) talk about Thear's brief upbringing in Cambodia during the Cambodian Civil War. They discuss how Thear's family was sponsored to come to the U.S. from refugee/labor camps and how Thear has...

Lauren Devine and Alexis Polen

Colleagues Lauren Devine (33) and Alexis Polen [no age given] come together to share their personal and professional experiences to analyze the field of Human Trafficking.

Thu Pham and Tran Le

Thu Pham (59) and daughter Tran Le (34) reflect on their memories of Vietnam, leaving the country, and their early life in the US.

Huey-Min Chuang and Mei-Yi Chen

Recently reconnected friends Huey-Min Chuang [no age given] and Mei-Yi Chen (51) share their childhood immigration and coming-of-age stories and what home means to them. They also talk about their current projects and what they hope for in their rekindled...

Oma and Opa talk about childhood-move to US

Interviewed my grandparents separately about their childhood and then together about when they met and immigrated to the United States. Approximately the first 15 minutes was my grandma talking about the challenges she faced as a child in Romania/Germany. 15-30...