Kari Hoggard and Rebekah Thomas

Kari Hoggard (46) interviews colleague Rebekah Thomas (52) about her experiences working in refugee resettlement in Springfield, Missouri.

Hanna Suman and Monica Virgen

Friends Hanna Suman (23) and Monica Virgen (26) share about about their lives, their experiences growing up in immigrant families, and their work at the International Rescue Committee.

Larisa Brass and Drocella Mugorewera

Drocella Mugorewera [no age given] is interviewed by Larisa Brass (47) about growing up in Rwanda in a big family, going to college in Russia, and resettling in the United States after being forced to leave her country.

Mukasa Agnes Flavia and Tatjana Andrews

Mukasa "Flavia" Agnes Flavia (44) speaks with her friend and colleague Tatjana Andrews (30) about her experiences as a refugee, a mother, and a superwoman.

Interviewing an Iraqi Refugee

My name is Nadia Albino, an MSW student at Loyola University Chicago. In this interview I speak to Moustafa Aldouri. As a student specializing in migration studies I focused on the experience of a refugee in the United States. Moustafa...

Katy Frank and Susan Frank

One Small Step conversation partners, Susan Frank (52) and Katy Frank (41), have a discussion and touch on religion, politics and life during COVID-19.

Beatrice Uwimpuhwe and Aimee Zangandou

Aimee Zangandou (39) talks with her mother, Beatrice Uwimpuhwe (67), to remember and share their family's resettlement story which began in Rwanda in 1994.

Inna Mihai – Fleeing Ukraine and Coming to America

I interviewed my friend, Inna Mihai, age 30, about her experience fleeing the Ukraine War and coming to the United States. Inna and her son, Zhenya, were sponsored by a friend, Elena, who worked in Ukraine through Peace Corps. Elena...

Danny Mack and Bill Hansen

One Small Step partners Danny Mack (57) and Bill Hansen (69) talk about the complexities of law enforcement and policing, their mutual support of labor unions, the challenges faced by immigrants and refugees, and how money has affected politics.

Dauda Sesay and Mariama Sesay

Dauda Sesay (43) has a conversation with his daughter Mariama Sesay (21) about his immigration journey from Sierra Leone to the U.S., life at refugee camp, his first experience with bullying at a U.S. college, his work of advocacy with...