Interview with my Auntie

I interviewed my aunt with 5 diverse questions in order to gain an understanding of her strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, and future goals.

The Pearl Choice Project – Part 3

A friend of Toni asked for money to make a car payment and how she responded.

family interview

this was my dad expressing his past life and his present. He talked about regrets and times where he felt good

My mum 2018.

My mother’s upbringing and views on life.

The McGinty Kids

Larry McGinty, in the later stages of liver cancer, sits down with his two little sisters, Lynnda and Kathy, to reflect.

Yager’s Story

Mr. Yager’s experience in the worlds of the military, business, and education have all shaped him into the person he is today. Though he faced traumatic events during his time in service, it taught him key values that have stuck...

Reliving the Young Moments of CJ Bauzon

We discussed the different milestones and achievements of CJ Bauzon's childhood.


Sisters friend talks about her teen life.

Perspective on regret

In this interview my grandmother and I talk about our biggest regrets in life and how to overcome disappointment.


The first time Talia Baldwin had to get stitches. OUCH!

Full circle

A brief interview with my dad Daniel about his childhood and short time in the US Air Force.

Interviewing My Roommate Alyssa Gonzales

She discussed how her family grew up dysfunctional but it still brought them together . He grandmother was all kindness but struggles with an illness and it hurts alyssa to see her like that. Also about her boyfriend and regrets

Interview with Patton

Steve Patton’s biggest regret in life.

Dinner with Sullivan C.

After an enjoyable dinner with my friend Sullivan Clisham, I asked him pressing questions about his life and legacy. We discussed childhood memories, regrets, and what the future holds as young adults. We are 17 years old preparing for college...

A Whole New World

Peter Chung (15) talks with Joanne Chung (49), recalling her life and regrets, talking about her family, her past, and her sons.

The challenges I faced made me the man I am

Life is short and for that reason is why we should make the most of our lives and to face the challenges life throws at us.

Mom and Gray-12/22/2021

My mom, sibling, and I sat down for an interview to talk about things that we had never talked about before.

My children Are My Life

I talk to my mom about what she wanted in life. I question if she had any regrets about the choices she made. The main point about her children and how much of an affect they had on her.

Min Hwang interviews Jenna DiSalvio about her life as a teacher and her family.

In this interview conducted in December 2021 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Min Hwang interviews his orchestra teacher, Jenna DiSalvio, about her life as a teacher, her family, and her values. Ms. DiSalvio talks about the start of her...