Olivia Guyse interviewing Linda Guyse about her life experiences.

Olivia Guyse is interviewing Linda Guyse in Elkhorn, Wisconsin on June 4, 2022. Linda is Olivia’s mom. Olivia is a 15 year old high school freshman. Linda is 53 years old and works as an accountant. This interview talks about...

Interview with Amparo Nader

Interview with Amparo Nader about her life in Quito, Ecuador as a teenager and then in the United States as an adult.

Mother talks to son about growing up in Meridian, Mississippi

Lea McCracken talks about the best memories in her life growing up in Meridian, Mississippi. Talking about everything from the happiest moments to the biggest regrets of her childhood.

Generation Interview

In this interview we basically talked about memories from the past that Mike and Genie hold. We also touched on regrets and what advise they would give themselves in the past.

The American Dream

I interviewed my mother and asked her questions about her life and the American Dream.

Hard Work with Grandma

We talked about her life experiences and how they shaped the person she is.

A journey to the past.

This was an interview I did with my mother about her past events and thoughts. The interview took place in the kitchen of our apartment in Orange County. I asked my mom about her childhood and how she was raised,...

My Great Grandmas Life

Mackenzie Mares and her great grandmother have a discussion about her life. For example, her close relationship with her family.

Michael Shepherd, Mark Shepherd, and Bryan Shepherd

Brothers Mark Shepherd (57), Bryan Shepherd (55), and Michael Shepherd (50) have a conversation to celebrate Michael's 50th birthday.

Craig Brown and Mara Brown

Mara Brown (58) and Craig Brown (69) share family stories, the role of God in their lives and legacies for their children and grandchildren

An Interview with Matilda Clar

I interviewed my grandmother (my "Oh-wa"), and we discussed her experiences in the United States, how she perceives herself, and advice that can resonate with everyone.

Tyler Bobbitt and his father, Greg Bobbitt, talk about what I‎t was like growing up, memorable moments and regrets.

In this interview, conducted on January 2, 2018, in Niskayuna New York, Tyler Bobbitt and his father Greg Bobbitt start off talking about Greg’s childhood and what the effects of many siblings, growing up outdoors and growing up in a...

Thanksgiving with Eván

During the 2017 Thanksgiving, Summer interviewed her aunt Eván Fu for The Great Thanksgiving Listen. She is currently attending Pratt Institute as an art major and will soon graduate. This interview digs deeper into her past and has many laughs...

Peer Interview

Joey has been one of my best friends for a very long time. This interview overlooks joeys character and emotions.

Judy Anderson Interview
December 29, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in December of 2018 in Flemington, New Jersey, Jillian Taylor (15) interviews her Nana Judy Anderson (77) about her life and how she hopes to be remembered. Judy Anderson shares stories from her childhood and describes...

My Grandmother (Carole Fitser) Interview

This is just an interview of my grandmothers life growing up and what her jobs and childhood were like. She also answers questions about life in general.

Cayman Yoder and Lee Yoder

Cayman Yoder interviews his Grandpa, Lee Yoder, who grew up on an Amish farm, but left at a young age for life in the city.

Kimberly Kelling and Lloyd S Kelling

Kimberly Kelling (63) sits down with her father, Lloyd S. "Bud" Kelling (90), to ask him about his childhood memories at Camp Crockett (also known as Kamp Karney), to learn more about what it was like for him to discover...