Claire Dolan and Sally Palmer

Sally Palmer (80) discusses the nuances of living in 2020's quarantine with her granddaughter Claire Dolan (13).

covid interview

i asked a family member a variety of questions about covid 19

Curren Shesniak and Jamie Shesniak

Curren Shesniak (16) talks with his mother, Jamie Shesniak (45) about COVID-19.

Thanksgiving Interview 2019

We talked about what my dad was thankful for and about his life.

A Pastoral Assistant's Thoughts on his Life, Job, and COVID-19

Junsuk Seo (27) talks to Hyeon Woo Kim (19) about what his life has been like leading up to this point where he's pursuing the role of a pastor. Junsuk also goes a little more in-depth with his specific spiritual...

Peter McGinnis and John-Peter Heinrich

Peter McGinnis(16) talks to his uncle Jack Heinrich(48) about his childhood and life through the coronavirus.

Storycorps interview with Alex Fried

Interview between Jared Knoll and Alex Fried. Talked about how Alex has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. He was studying abroad in Spain.

Kayla Ventura and Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez (38) talks with her daughter, Kayla Ventura (18) about her past and present experiences. Touching on topics ranging from her childhood to the current day COVID-19 pandemic, we hear some of the many lessons learned by my mom...

Stephan Prô and Isabelle Prô

Isabelle Prô interviews dr. Stephan Prô, an orthopedic surgeon about his experience with the pandemic and COVID-19.

Joni and Ellyse Anderson

This story is about what my mom is most grateful for.

COVID-19 Interview

An interview about a high school senior who had an altered school year.


We talked about some good things like who inspirerd them

"You never know what someone is growing through"

Steven Prado-Serna (18) talks with his sister, Mayra Serna (27) about her transition to being independent, COVID-19 struggles, and Personal insights.

Luke Dopman's school interview

Luke Dopman: 2021-01-04 00:21:01 Luke dopman interviews his sister about covid-19 and how it affected her life.

Ronald Bond and Emily Bond – COVID-19 Interview

Ronald Bond (77) is interviewed by his granddaughter, Emily Bond (15). He answers a set of questions based mainly on his experiences throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nani’s interview

We talked about events that have shaped her life and things she is grateful for.

Interview With My Mom: Thank You Mom

Alex Koeberl (17) interviews his mother, Laura Koeberl (51) about her accomplishments in life looking back as well as how things could've been different. In addition, they talk about life in COVID-19 era America and are also joined by their...