Father to Daughters

A daughter interview her Father about his life, childhood, and the future he wants for his daughter.

Christmas Traditions

My mom’s holiday traditions as a kid and now.

Interview with Aunt

Talked about her life and my future children and there childen

Sharon Hampton Interview

I think it was interesting to talk to Sharon specifically because I got to learn so much about her that I didn't know before even though we were pretty close. Being able to hear her perspective from a different culture...

How my family came to the united states

How my great grandmother came to the united states for a better life


I am interviewing my grandmother (Maria) different question and seeing her perspectives of different things

Grandma Karen’s backstory

Grandma Karen talked about her childhood and what she learned.

Interviewing my grandma

Today i interviewee my grandma to learn a little bit more about her life when she was younger

Dawn Phillips (my mom)

Asked about her life and past experiences

You Only Have One Life to Live

Bonnie shared fond memories with me of her family and her childhood.

Some remarks from Edward Millman

We talked about how our family worked and what our family should be remembered by

Mary Kay

Stuart asks his dad questions about his dad's mom, Mary Kay.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Lots of talk about religion and finding one’s personal truth. It was very interesting to hear the perspective of my mother on family issues regarding religion that happened a few years back. She also gave me lots or insight and...

An interview with my mom

My name is Jaedyn Williams and I am 18 years old. I am recording this interview in Blacksburg, Virginia over a phone call, and I am speaking with Judith Williams who is my mother. We talked about her family, life...

grandma anne’s interview

in this interview i asked my grandma mainly about her life in retirement. me and my family always say she’s living the dream since she and my grandpa retired so i wanted to learn a little bit more about it.

La Historia de su Vida

En esta entrevista, grabada el 30 de Noviembre en Shreveport, Louisiana, Citlaly Jiménez (18) entrevista a su madre, Blanca Jimenez (38). Blanca nos responde a unas preguntas sobre su infancia, su familia, y cómo es que ella llegó desde Mexico...