Learn How to Forecast the Weather with Oma: All You Need Is A Broken Toe and Some Deer

This is an interview I did with my 86-year-old grandmother. She lived in Germany through WWII and had a very interesting life, resulting in some unusual stories. She now lives on an out-of-service farm in Pennsylvania's Amish Country. In this...

Hillary Freeman and Robert Torkildson

One Small Step partners Hillary Freeman (75) and Robert "Tor" Torkildson (59) talk about the role of mentorship in their personal and professional lives, the importance of flexibility in thinking, the social safety net, their love of the North Shore,...

Janice Ahn and Hannah Whang

Ms. Ahn shared her story about how Buddhism identifies in her life in high school, college, and now.

Haley Lepp and Travis Richardson

Friends Haley Lepp (24) and Travis Richardson (24) talk about their respective journeys discovering their faiths and philosophies. Travis also speaks to the struggle of reconciling his identity as a gay man and a Catholic in a conservative environment.

Ayden Harris Meeting with Steve Budnack—the owner of the Parker Task Force

Ayden Harris (18) interviews Steve Budnack (~25ish) who owns the Parker Task Force about his life, what influenced him, and how he got to where he is today.

Testimony – Diana Shidaeva : Balancing Identities

Diana, a junior in high school, speaks on her experience as a Chechen and as a Muslim growing up in America.

Reshma Thomas and Leah Varughis

Discussed the dynamics of our church and faith. Leah also touches on her relationship with her siblings as the middle child of immigrant parents.

Vittoria and Kahder 12-8-23

Vittoria (21) interviews Kahder (26), a straight young man who grew up Muslim. He discusses some of his hardships, values, beliefs and experiences whilst practicing Islam. He also dives into what it was like to leave his home due to...

Nina Moshefi, Anna Moshefi, and Khadijhah Abdur-Rahman

Sisters Nina Nirvana Moshefi (41) and Anna Padideh Moshefi (38) interview Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman (59) about her life, her election in 2020 to the Fulton County Commission as the first Muslim woman elected in Georgia, and how the three of...