Interveiw with my Mother

The interviewee is Maureen O’Connell and she is 58 years old and the interviewer is her daughter Amelia (me) who is 18. My mom was nervous to do the interview but I think it turned out great. We basically talked...

Randall Lorenz and Suzanne Malek

Suzanne Malek, TMCC Genealogy Librarian interviews Randall Lorenz regarding the the importance of Oct 30th as Adoption Remembrance Day. Randall also discusses his own story of adoption and the road to finding his biological family. It was his journey that...

My Dad’s Story

I interviewed my Jerome Bonner, who is my dad. In this interview, we spoke about some of his favorite memories and about and how he wished for me to grow up. We talked about important lessons he has learned in...

My Grandma Cheryll

My Grandma and I talked about her childhood and what she was like as a child. We talked about her dad who passed away and also about my parents.

Brian Brubaker and Helen Corrigan

Brian Brubaker (52) talks to his grandmother Helen Corrigan (98) about their family's legacy of military service. Together, they remember Brian's grandfather and reflect on their relationship with each other.

Life of my Nana
November 26, 2018 App Interview

My nana, Valerie Miranda, shares some of her deep secrets and tells the life lessons she’s learned from 60 long years on earth.

Alema’s project

Questions about her future. Also, questions about lessons learned and memories from her past.


Remembering the life of Erin through a close friend.

Robert Kelley and Jeb Backe

Robert "Sam" Kelley (78) talks to StoryCorps facilitator Jeb Backe (26) about his service in Vietnam. He reflects on the trauma of his war experiences and on reconnecting with the men with whom he served.

Interview With My Dad

I interviewed my father to learn about his life. He reflected on memories of his family and his past.


overcoming hardships and remembering loved ones

Alexandria Wingate’s Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview I asked my grandmother questions that revolves around her childhood, her relationship with her partner, as well as how her belief system plays a part in her life.

Lindsey Culli and Tyler Miller

Siblings Lindsey Culli (38) and Tyler Miller (34) share a conversation about the passing of their father. They recall their favorite memories of him, and reflect on who he was as a person.

Mrs. Hayes memories

Tristin watson (15) holding interview with teacher Mrs Hayes about memories and life.

Steve Otto and Sherelyn Whittum Pedigo

Steve Otto (59) and his aunt Sherelyn Pedigo (61) talk about their unique family make-up, share memories of past times, reflect on some family tragedies, and talk about their connection to religion.

Julia Sinelnikova and Ian Gonzalez

Artist Julia Sinelnikova (33) sits down with conversation partner Ian Gonzalez (26) to remember their friend JJ. They discuss their collaborations with JJ at Vector Gallery in New York City and explain how their friendship with JJ shaped their personal...