Entrevista A Mi Papá

In this interview I asked my dad about his journey to the US, the obstacles he faced, and how he feels about living in a new country.

My mom

Asked about my mom’s relationship with her mom who had passed when she was just a sophomore in college. We talked about memories and impacts that her mom made on her life.

Easter tradition
November 29, 2022 App Interview

Jacob Martinez(15) ask Kathy Martinez(69) the importance of tradition and traditions of their family.

Kylie Petrozza – Interview With My Mom
January 6, 2023 App Interview

Hi, I’m Kylie Petrozza. This is an interview that I did with my mom, Laura Petrozza. We filmed it on January 4th, 2023. I am 16 years old at the time of recording, and my mom is 53. We discussed...

Interview with my Mom

Nicholas Hooper interviewed Mrs. Tina Hooper his mother. Nicholas is 21 and Mrs. Tina is 48 as she discusses what my childhood was like and how she met her husband. We also talked about memories and what her thoughts are...

Audrey Hoffman and Josie Orton

Josie Orton (19) interviews her mother Dr. Audrey Hoffman (38) about teen pregnancy, childhood memories, and plans for the future.

Christine Gilbert, Julien Jourdan, and Iryna Lymar

Friends Christine Gilbert (34), Julien Jourdan (38), and Iryna Lymar (36) discuss their favorite memories of each other, and Iryna talks about giving birth to her and Julien's daughter Nora.

MJKipp On A Sunny Day

Two questions about Merlin Kipp (83) growing up. Fishing, freedom, reminiscing.

Dylan Morris and his great uncle Bradley collier talk about his childhood and teenage years and growing up in flint

In this interview, conducted on December 4 2022 in flint, Michigan Dylan Morris (15) interviews his great uncle Bradley collier(73)

Interview with my mom

I did a five minute interview with my dearest mother. I didn't realize that two of my questions got cut off, so for context the first one starts with me asking what her favorite movie was when she was a...

Morgan’s interview

Getting to know more about Morgan and what has shaped her to be who she is

The Finality of School

Johnathan Brathwaite is a student and classmate of mine at SUNY Delhi. We are both 22. The topic of this interview is reminiscing about school over the past 18 years as we enter the next stage of our lives. where...

Interview with Betty Hampton

Summary: Betty Hampton has lived a very full life. In this interview, Nate Wiseman talks with her on December 29, 2019, in Solebury township about her happiest and proudest moments, as well as the experiences that shaped her life both...

My Grandma Worked for Playboy!

Olivia Kurinsky (14) interviews her Grandma, Cynthia Poticha (81), about what it was like working for Playboy in the 1960s.

Interview with mom

In this interview my mom reflected on her past and told a few short stories. Whether it was her happiest memory or the worst, she shared the lessons she was taught from those experiences.

Thanksgiving Talk With Tio Rico

While I got to talk with my family during our thanksgiving get-togethers, my Tio Rico and Tia Diana live in Virginia and were unable to come. As a result, I wanted to make sure that I called and was able...

Interviewing Granny

Interviewing Granny with 7 questions

Interview with Craig

My interview with my friend Craig about some things on his past that he reflects on.

Sophie Traube and her friend Max Hobhouse talk about the last seven years of his life.

In this interview, Sophie Traube interviews her friend and brother’s best friend, Max Hobhouse. They talk about their friendship, Max and Jack’s (Sophie’s brother) friendship, and his new life here in California for university after growing up in England. Max...