Suzanne Barton, SRNA, BSN, RN, CCRN

Suzanne Barton age 31 interviewed by her husband Josiah Barton age 31 about her positive and negative experiences as a nurse and the resiliency she possessed to continue on.

Susan Lipton and John Spitznagel

Susan "Susie" Lipton (65) talks about surviving a severe illness with the love and support of her spouse and friend, John "Jack" Spitznagel (70).

"I can think of no greater stage than the year of the pandemic to showcase the strength of emergency nurses"

ENA Chief Executive Officer Nancy MacRae and 2020 ENA President Mike Hastings reflect on the challenges faced and the triumphs achieved by emergency nurses and ENA during amid the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Antidotes to White Fragility: Rascal Roubos, Zara Zimbardo and Toran Ailisheva

Rascal Roubos, author the Social Work Master's thesis "Antidotes to White Fragility" reflects with collaborators Zara Zimbardo and Toran Ailisheva of White Noise Collective on the creation of the popular and transformative somatic Antidotes curriculum.

Kayla Colon and Becky Colon

Kayla Colon (31) shares a conversation with her mother, Becky Colon (52). Becky remembers her childhood, talks about challenges she has faced, and shares memories of her family.


R. Fant and T. Holt having a quick sit down. 4/18/2021

Joe's story: a story of resilience, community assistance, and giving back to his community.

Erik was blessed to hear Joe's story of once having been homeless, the resiliency he developed, and the assistance his community provided him. Joe now is now an overcomer and passionately giving back (supporting) his community.

"Deep down inside I felt like something wasn't normal. And it turns out it wasn't."

Kelly Plunkett speaks with her Nurse-Family Partnership nurse Kyla Pfannenstiel at Children First about her journey to becoming her son's biggest advocate & a confident mom. With Kyla's support, Kelly overcame homelessness relating to domestic violence, and was persistent in...

Jordan Reflects on Psychology of Environmental Stewardship

I take some time to reflect on the course, Psychology of Environmental Stewardship taught by Dr. De Young at the University of Michigan's School for the Environment and Sustainability. I talk about my main take-aways from the course like the...

Lynn Julian Crisci and Frank Julian

Partners Lynn Julian Crisci (43) and Frank "Doug" Julian (52) discuss their experiences of being injured survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Lizzy Kelley and Wade Bishop

Spouses, Lizzy Kelley (36) and Wade Bishop (46), talk about their relationship, their life during the pandemic, and the message they would like to share with their future selves.

Living in a Challenging Time

I had the opportunity to interview my daughter, Lexi talking about dealing with the challenges and changes made as a college student during a global pandemic

Carrissa Hsieh and Olivia Ramos

Olivia Ramos, Providence employee and veteran Camp Erin volunteer shares with Carrissa a fellow Camp Erin volunteer about her relationship with Erin Metcalf before she died of cancer at age 17 and how that relationship with Erin and her family...

Resilient Tales From Nikki Bradbury

Mera Bradbury, age 12, interviews her mom, Nikki Bradbury, age 39, about a recent job change that demonstrated her resiliency. In the interview Mera asks her mom important questions to learn more about what it means to be resilient. Nikki...

David Gortner 56, and Nancy Jones, 49, have a One Small Step North Idaho Conversation
December 2, 2022 App Interview

David Gortner 56, and Nancy Jones, 49 come together and talk about faith, community, parents passing, Covid, children, and being resilient.

Meredith Wadman, 60, and her mother Barbara Greenfield Wadman, 90, in conversation on November 27 2020

Meredith Wadman: 2020-11-27 21:55:26 Meredith Wadman (60) and her mother Barbara Greenfield Wadman (90) discuss celebrating Barbara's 90th birthday on the eve of the coronavirus pandemic, and how Barbara's resilience, founded on a fundamental optimism, has kept her going these...

Human Development Interview

I spoke with a resilient 23 year old law student and first generation American who overcame adversities including poverty and abuse to become the first in her family to ever attend and graduate from a University.

Melba Pesante and Eduardo Pesante

Eduardo Pesante (42) interviews his mother, Melba Pesante (67), about her views on faith, religion, time, quilting, and why she chooses to see life through the eyes of a child.

Elitza Taleva and Lori Motola

Elitza talked about identifying as a being of love and light and how she has triumphed over difficult circumstances to follow what she describes as a divine stairway to her own, personal life purpose.