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Top of the Climb: Sam Laure

A discussion on the challenges of being a rock climber and etc. As well as his thought process on life in general.


The adventures of a child with many names and hobbies expressed candidly between two friends.

Lois Haggard and Paul Leo

Lois Haggard (58) and her husband Paul Leo (62) talk about their relationship and what they want for their future.

Mattie Sheafor and Amy Skinner

Mattie Sheafor (51) and her friend Amy Skinner (55) talk about being mountain climbers and their climber friends who have died in accidents, including Amy's late-husband Todd Skinner.

Rock Climbing Your Way to Improved Mental Health

We met with an avid rock climber to talk a little bit about how rock climbing was an amazing outlet to work through her mental health. She highlights several components of climbing and encourages others to get involved!

Kate Getchell and Dan Berkeley

Dan Berkeley (72) shares stories with his daughter Kate Getchell (41) about their family and his life, particularly his adventures in his late teens and early twenties.

Shannon Parry and Michael Parry

Shannon Parry (45) and her husband Mike Parry (45) share memories of their longtime partnership, from how they met surreptitiously in college, the snow filled adventure back country skiing that led to their engagement, the two years they spent traveling...