Interview with my Boyfriend
September 28, 2022 App Interview

Isabella White (18) interviews her boyfriend, Daniel Garcia (18), over personal questions such as his role model, future career goals, and more.

Catholic Shenanigans

Tom Kilgro is the youth leader at Prince of Peace Catholic Church. Nico Marthe is one of the many teenangers that spends Wednesday’s and Sundays with the most inspiring man he’s ever met.

Life of a teenage mom (my mom)

Ana Medrano has became a strong women even when going through struggles as a teenage mom. She never gave up and became a good role model to her daughters and many other teenage moms who doubt themselves.

Keep going

I inquired about my husband’s childhood and life as an adult.

Paulina Roberts and Cori Stern

Paulina Roberts (23) speaks with mentor, friend, and former CASA Cori Stern (44) about their relationship and experiences together.

Interview with my Dad.

Ryan Evenson(17), In this interview I talked to my dad, Clark Evenson(51) about his time in the Coast Guard and how his childhood impacted his life now. Overall it was a positive experience.

Kathy Gambles and David Joy

David Joy (38) speaks with his friend, mentor, and bonus grandma to his children, Kathy Gambles (75), about their decades of friendship, starting when David was a kindergartener in Kathy's library. They discuss what they've learned from each other, the...

The Good Doctor

A doctor saves the lives of others, but sometimes they’re so busy with other lives that they can’t save their own. Jadon Lee interviewed Luis Molina in Los Angeles, CA on January 3rd about the biggest influence on his life....

Oral History Project

In this interview I talked to my mom and asked her questions about her life.

Dad school interview

We talked about his life and his teenage years and connecting that to his happiest moments and some role models. At the end of the interview we talked about me and some of the memories we had.

The Hardworking Influence

My father explains how he has always had role models that were very hardworking and hopes he is the same for his children.


In this interview I got a chance to speak to my #1 role model,my father. We talked about his life before me and his role model.

Dominique St. Vil and Zazil Davis-Vazquez

Dominique St. Vil (37) tells his interviewer Zazil Davis-Vazquez (27) about his work in transgender rights advocacy in Haiti.

Academic, Activist & Advocate Dr. Patricia Fernandez-Kelly talks about ethical leadership

Dr. Patricia Fernandez-Kelly, Professor of Sociology at Princeton University, talks with undergraduate Rafer Friedman about ethical leadership, advocacy and activism on campus, in the community and beyond.

A Mother’s Lessons

An interview in which Saeema Sajjad was interviewed by Tabeer Sajjad and Saeema's childhood and lessons that she learned as a child were brought into light. Her past experiences with her family and the lessons she has learned from them...

Today for You Tomorrow for Me

In today’s society people are celebrating LGBTQ people with parades and festivals, rather than spreading hatred towards them, but this wasn’t always the case. In November of 2018, 14 year old Sofia Brandon-Schwartz interviewed her father, Carlo Brandon to learn...

Oral History Project
September 22, 2022 App Interview

Remi Lynn interviews his mother, Amy Lynn, who speaks of her role model Audrey Muncy. They also discuss achievements and the importance of family.

Getting to know Valeria

In this interview, conducted in April 2020 in Orange, California, Viviana Bautista (20) interviews her friend Valeria Espitia (32) about being born and raised in Guanajuato, Mexico. Valeria shares how she comes from a large family and how important her...