Greatest influences in life

I interviewed mom mom about her greatest influence in life

Great mom, greater human being.

I decided to interview my mom. Although it’s someone most commonly used in interviews, my mother has always been the best she could be. She has also been the best person overall. Her kind heart & pistive view of life...

Story Corps Interview

i interviewed seb and learned about his values , goals and role models

Cornerstone Interview

I interviewed my mom and asked her several questions about her life and family. It was interesting learning about family.

Estelle Niego interviews Patricia Niego about her experiences of life and her professional life.

Estelle Niego (17) interviews her grandma, Patricia Niego (80). Estelle interviewed Patricia Niego on November 22nd, 2017. Patricia Niego is a grandmother of 31 nieces and nephews. In this interview, Patricia Niego will talk about her life experiences as a...

Jack Mayhall and his grandfather, also Jack Mayhall, discuss early adult life and what it takes to succeed

Eighteen year old Jack Mayhall interviews seventy-nine year old Jack Mayhall about his experience with starting a family and being able to support it. The interview takes place is Vestavia Hills, Alabama on November 26, 2023. The discussion’s purpose is...

Sunanda Basu childhood interview
December 2, 2018 App Interview

Interview about physicist Sunanda Basu’s childhood in Calcutta (now Kolkata), India.

H. Spees and Corrie Sands

Corrie Sands (44) interviews her father H. Spees (67) about the spaces in which he's been a leader in his life, his role model John M. Perkins, and how he sees the decisions he made throughout his life as having...

My Pops, David R. Seely

I interview my dad, David Seely (71). I’m his son, Marc (44) I have had Parkinson’s for the past ten years and wanted to take this opportunity to sit down and chat with him about his life and life’s work...

Getting to know Valeria

In this interview, conducted in April 2020 in Orange, California, Viviana Bautista (20) interviews her friend Valeria Espitia (32) about being born and raised in Guanajuato, Mexico. Valeria shares how she comes from a large family and how important her...

Today for You Tomorrow for Me

In today’s society people are celebrating LGBTQ people with parades and festivals, rather than spreading hatred towards them, but this wasn’t always the case. In November of 2018, 14 year old Sofia Brandon-Schwartz interviewed her father, Carlo Brandon to learn...

Oral History Project
September 22, 2022 App Interview

Remi Lynn interviews his mother, Amy Lynn, who speaks of her role model Audrey Muncy. They also discuss achievements and the importance of family.

Learn About My Mom

Today I interviewed my mom about her past life. Along with some funny stories about her family and childhood.

A better bond: a mother and daughter relationship

A story about a mother’s relationship with her children while speaking in their Orange, CA home on November 3rd,2021. A lot of laughter, smiles (even though you can’t see them) and truths. As well as a chance for a daughter...

A Mother’s Lessons

An interview in which Saeema Sajjad was interviewed by Tabeer Sajjad and Saeema's childhood and lessons that she learned as a child were brought into light. Her past experiences with her family and the lessons she has learned from them...

Your Legacy

Abby wants to be remembered by her positive spirit. She looks up to her role models and aspires to continue their legacy as well.

Life of a teenage mom (my mom)

Ana Medrano has became a strong women even when going through struggles as a teenage mom. She never gave up and became a good role model to her daughters and many other teenage moms who doubt themselves.

Keep going

I inquired about my husband’s childhood and life as an adult.

The Good Doctor

A doctor saves the lives of others, but sometimes they’re so busy with other lives that they can’t save their own. Jadon Lee interviewed Luis Molina in Los Angeles, CA on January 3rd about the biggest influence on his life....

Catholic Shenanigans

Tom Kilgro is the youth leader at Prince of Peace Catholic Church. Nico Marthe is one of the many teenangers that spends Wednesday’s and Sundays with the most inspiring man he’s ever met.

Auntie Delly and How She Became My Feminist Role Model

This is Joan and her story about her Auntie Delly. Growing up, she realized she did not want to be a traditional house-wife, and found she wanted to be like her Auntie Delly. She described her as a strong, independent...