Interview with my favorite roommate

Alex Lange and Andrew Haggerty

Close friends, Alex Lange (27) and Andrew Haggerty (27) talks about their friendship over the years. They talk how they met, the value they see in their relationship, and what they hope for an upcoming transition into long distance friendship...

About Sam

Sam is my roommate who is going to nursing school.

Multicultural comp

Talking to my roommate about tough questions

Intervew with roommate/bestie

Sally Spearman interviewing her roommate and best friend Cydney Barbee. Discussing life, memories, goals, etc.

Oral History Interview Project

I interviewed my roommate, and we discussed different topics from her relationship with her parents to describing her senior prom night.

Grace’s Passion for Theater

I interview Grace Alt, my roommate, on her passion for theater and work in theater advocacy. We talk about our favorite shows and how important theater is to an education.

Qualitative interview

This is my interview with my roommate kylee.

Roommate Chat

My roommate Sam and I sat and had a in-depth chat about past life and current life. We covered all different types of topics.

Willow interview

Roommate/ best friend talks about relationships and death.

Anushka and Abigail talk about engineering, siblings, sushirritos, and everything in between. “We’re both adults now.”

Abby, my future roommate, and I talk about things we have in common, such as engineering student struggles, and things that differ between us, such as cultural stigmas. We talk about our sibling dynamics, our favorite foods, and our past...

The Great Thanksgiving Interview: My Roommate describes herself and her life in a Nutshell

In this interview conducted over Thanksgiving 2018 in Plymouth, New Hampshire, Lucy Thatcher (20) interviews her roommate and best friend Kaitlyn Robicheau Hall (18) about her life, random facts, hopes and future. Miss Robicheau Hall shares her stories from growing...

Roommate Listen

I talked with my roommate about how her life has been going so far and where she’s hoping it will take her.

Interview with my Roommate

During this interview I got to interview my roommate in which I got to learn new things about her life and how she grew up. Thank you for listening!

Interviewing a Loved One
November 27, 2022 App Interview

Chance Eben is my roommate and one of my best friends. He is a loved on i admire for the way he constantly carries himself and the person he hold him self too despite his past. In this interview i...

Roommate interview

I interviewed someone on their experience living in the dorms.