Desiree and roommate, Anika

Desiree (19) and Anika (20) are roommates and talk about Anika’s impression and experience living with Desiree.

StoryCorps Project: Cara Chambers’ Interview

Georgia Norman interviews roommate and best friend Cara Chambers, asking her 10 interesting and fun questions about life!

Taylor D. Roommate interview

Our life together as roommates for the past 2 and a half years.

Noah and Sai Talk About Rutgers History and Snowmen

We discussed Sai’s interests and classes, as well as the giant snowman we built and interesting facts about Rutgers history.

Transition from high school to college

I interviewed my cousin Arianna. We discussed the transition from high school to college and all the responsibilities, relationships, and struggles that came with it.

That PLNU Life- Just a Roommate Interviewing a Roommate.

Let’s talk about you Steven. We’re roommates. I know you’re wise and loving. Tell me about your life, and I’ll tell the world about how wide it is.

Danielle Quattry-Comer and Benjamin Comer

Life partners Danielle Quattry-Comer (30) and Ben Comer (32) talk about meeting each other in Brooklyn while they were roommates, becoming parents together, moving to North Carolina, and their desire to return to New York.

My Roomate with OCD

Asking my roommate about her time with ocd and being roomies with someone who definitely doesn’t have ocd all while she eats pb&j. Also we’re brand new to this app and terrible with technology so...

Roommate Interview with Gracie and Hope

Hope and Gracie sit down and talk about their friendship and favorite memories.

Trey Morehouse and Jake Abrahamson

Friends Trey Morehouse (33) and Jake Abrahamson (35) share a conversation about how they first met, what drew them together as friends, and memorable experiences from their lives.

Grace and Claire

Today we talked about being roommates, some good memories and her Grandma that passed away a few years ago.

New, But Not Alone

In this interview, I asked my former roommate about her experience Freshman year when she moved into our dorm.

Living together through an epidemic

My partner and I talk about how it's been living through the epidemic and the differences it made in living together for the first time.

Dreams of the U.S.A.

In this interview, conducted on December 1st 2019, in Springfield, Missouri, Carson Wornig interviews his Swedish roommate named Henrik Lohman about his life and his desire to live in the U.S.A.


Kristen discussed my relationship with her and her childhood.

Emily Janssen and Nik Rye

Friends Nik Rye (32) and Emily Janssen (24) talk about moving in together, astrology, and what they've discovered once they stopped restraining themselves.

Michaela and Taylor

Taylor and I are roommates. We talked about Taylor and her life up until now. We talked about her interests and her desires for life.

Recording – 11-15-2023 19:18:24

practicing for the big one. I talk to my roommate about the cafeteria.

Friend from Across the Hall

In this interview, I ask my friend and former roommate, Janae, about her experience meeting me at Coastal Carolina.

Roommate Interview (Parallel Composing Project)

I interview my college roommates about the situation regarding our revolving door of other roommates.