Mr finer talks about college and how it has impacted his life

Mike Egan 11-16-22

Mike, 75, is a runner and cyclist, and has skiied and backpacked often with other Alamo Crazies

Charlie Cowden 10-7-22

Charlie, 74, is a runner and mountain biker who also golfs and fly fishes

Margaret Ash, the Marathon Running Mother

Margaret Ash gives us her perspective on the experiences and motivations of a marathon runner along with the origin of her passion for the sport.

Bryan McCaul 12-5-22

Bryan, 65, is a runner and cyclist that also golfs, skies, and hikes with other Crazies

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Keith Tomaselli

Fishtown Beer Runner and native Philadelphian, Keith Tomaselli inspires us with stories of the inception of the beer runner community that has started in Philadelphia and has grown into a small but important charitable organization across the world. Keith tells...


Delcia’s adaptation to Grad School and life alone in San Angelo. Also points of memorable experiences and the joy found in running.

Bill Schaaf 9-8-22

Bill, 74, first met members of the Alamo Crazies in 1979 and joined the Crazies for Hood to Coast relay race in 1999. He is a runner

Da Bon

Running, sports, while stretching after running

Drew Interview

Drew is 19 years old, we mainly talked about his experience with running and owning a business.

Listening Project

Interview with teammate for Listening and Nonverbal Communication final project.

Alisdair McGregor 9-20-22

Alisdair, age 69, is a runner, mountain biker, and cyclist (and wind surfer and other activities)

Interview with Shelby

Shelby Kihega, age 19, is college athlete at MSSU. She runs cross country and track, arguably one of the hardest sports. In this interview, she describes the highs and lows of her favorite sport and what makes her her.

Chris Lampen-Crowell and Bruce Johnson

Chris Lampen-Crowell (63) and Bruce Johnson (68) talk about the process of opening their store Gazelle Sports in Downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan, and the barriers they overcame to make it a success.

Becoming an All-American

Interview with Bob Liking that talks about his running career, specifically his senior season, about his team's and his own individual success.

Mark Lorenzoni and Luke Gioiosa

[Recorded: Tuesday, March 21st, 2023] Mark (67) and Luke (33) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Mark opened Charlottesville's hallmark running store, Ragged Mountain Running and coaches running for the community. Luke served in the Peace Corps...

Bill Ralyea 9-6-22

Bill, 68, joined the Crazies in 1999. He is a runner and mountain biker

The Running Shoe

Coach Kedge talks about his experience growing up with the running shoe. For KU HNRS 177 final project.

English Paper Q3

Donna describes her recovery of a hip replacement surgery to running a 5k in France.

An Optimistic View of Life

Barry reflects back on his life from childhood in Corning, NY to running and hiking over one hundred thousand miles. He shares his optimistic view on life and how much he has to be thankful for.

Joshua Hasson 10-11-22

Joshua, 63, started running with the Crazies on 10/1/17. He almost never misses a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday run

Running back in time

My father told a story about his dad’s running hobby. After that, he explained what he was most grateful for.