The Big E

Earl, (77) and his grand daughter Addie, (12) sit down and have a meaningful conversation to get to know "Epa" better.

Running back in time

My father told a story about his dad’s running hobby. After that, he explained what he was most grateful for.

The Running Shoe

Coach Kedge talks about his experience growing up with the running shoe. For KU HNRS 177 final project.

An Optimistic View of Life

Barry reflects back on his life from childhood in Corning, NY to running and hiking over one hundred thousand miles. He shares his optimistic view on life and how much he has to be thankful for.

English Paper Q3

Donna describes her recovery of a hip replacement surgery to running a 5k in France.

Becoming an All-American

Interview with Bob Liking that talks about his running career, specifically his senior season, about his team's and his own individual success.

Donato Hernandez Discussing His Life in Guatemala and the United States

In the interview, made on December 3, 2019, Donato Hernandez (39) talks about his childhood where he and his cousins/neighbors played sport (soccer) in the rain and they were blithe because they thought it is fun being in this weather,...

An Unexpected Passion for Running

Rose Lee-Pavlick shares her story of unexpectedly jumping into a new hobby, running, after signing up for a fundraiser to help bring water to people in Congo.

Running Stories

I interviewed my father who ran competitively in his high school, college, and post college days.

Munir Isahak and his journey as a runner

I, Joe Lee (19) interviewed my fellow cross country teammate Munir Isahak (23). We discussed his life as a runner and as a scholar. We addressed the hardships that he has faced growing up and managing a busy life of...

PLP English II Narrative, Nicoles running interview

PLP English II Narrative, Asking Nicole questions on how she had to get through her injury and the basics of what happened.

Early summer with covid

As an upcoming senior in the pandemic your junior summer usually is a very big part of your life. But mine was a little different

Dennis Doherty and Kaite Hildreth

Dennis Doherty: 2020-04-29 13:04:50. Dennis and Katie their roles as registered nurses, involvement in the 2013 Boston Marathon, and how they apply lessons from that experience to today's COVID pandemic.

Margaret Ash, the Marathon Running Mother

Margaret Ash gives us her perspective on the experiences and motivations of a marathon runner along with the origin of her passion for the sport.


Mr finer talks about college and how it has impacted his life


Delcia’s adaptation to Grad School and life alone in San Angelo. Also points of memorable experiences and the joy found in running.

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Keith Tomaselli

Fishtown Beer Runner and native Philadelphian, Keith Tomaselli inspires us with stories of the inception of the beer runner community that has started in Philadelphia and has grown into a small but important charitable organization across the world. Keith tells...

Listening Project

Interview with teammate for Listening and Nonverbal Communication final project.

Kyle Choe and his mother Mira Choe talk about what it was like growing up back then in South Korea.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Williston Park, New York, Kyle Choe (16) interviews his mother Mira Choe (51) about her childhood in South Korea. Mrs. Choe shares stories about what it was like growing up during that...

Life as a D1 Runner

Garrett talks about his running career and the things that have influenced him and kept him going over the years.

Albert Lim, David Lim, and Toby Lim

The story of a Korean man and a journey with his family to America from a war at home. David Lim was interviewed on January 7th in Porter Ranch where he talks about his experience of the Korean War in...