Listening Project

Interview with teammate for Listening and Nonverbal Communication final project.

Charlie Cowden 10-7-22

Charlie, 74, is a runner and mountain biker who also golfs and fly fishes


Delcia’s adaptation to Grad School and life alone in San Angelo. Also points of memorable experiences and the joy found in running.

Bryan McCaul 12-5-22

Bryan, 65, is a runner and cyclist that also golfs, skies, and hikes with other Crazies

Mike Egan 11-16-22

Mike, 75, is a runner and cyclist, and has skiied and backpacked often with other Alamo Crazies


Mr finer talks about college and how it has impacted his life

Da Bon

Running, sports, while stretching after running

Margaret Ash, the Marathon Running Mother

Margaret Ash gives us her perspective on the experiences and motivations of a marathon runner along with the origin of her passion for the sport.

Bill Schaaf 9-8-22

Bill, 74, first met members of the Alamo Crazies in 1979 and joined the Crazies for Hood to Coast relay race in 1999. He is a runner

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Keith Tomaselli

Fishtown Beer Runner and native Philadelphian, Keith Tomaselli inspires us with stories of the inception of the beer runner community that has started in Philadelphia and has grown into a small but important charitable organization across the world. Keith tells...

Alisdair McGregor 9-20-22

Alisdair, age 69, is a runner, mountain biker, and cyclist (and wind surfer and other activities)

Joe Reid 9-6-22

Joe, 66, joined the Crazies in the early 90s. He is a runner and considered the top Crazies recruiter

PLP English II Narrative, Nicoles running interview

PLP English II Narrative, Asking Nicole questions on how she had to get through her injury and the basics of what happened.

Brent Watkins 9-22-22

Brent, 64, joined the Crazies in 1993 or 1994. He is a runner with the Crazies, but also mountain bikes (old fashioned and e-bike) and surfs off the coast near Santa Cruz or San Francisco

Scott Guisti 10-18-22

Scott, 63, started running with the Crazies in 1996. He is also a road and mountain biker and golfer

Scott Osmus 9-23-22

Scotty O, 63, joined the Crazies in 2000, 2 months before his 1st H2C. He is a runner

Dennis Doherty and Kaite Hildreth

Dennis Doherty: 2020-04-29 13:04:50. Dennis and Katie their roles as registered nurses, involvement in the 2013 Boston Marathon, and how they apply lessons from that experience to today's COVID pandemic.

Munir Isahak and his journey as a runner

I, Joe Lee (19) interviewed my fellow cross country teammate Munir Isahak (23). We discussed his life as a runner and as a scholar. We addressed the hardships that he has faced growing up and managing a busy life of...

Dennis Simkin 9-8-22

Dennis, 76, has been an Alamo Crazy for over 30 years. He is a runner, cyclist (road and mountain), and also camper, backpacker, golfer

James and Saul, Frontrunners Sacramento
October 3, 2022 App Interview

In 1992, Sacramento Frontrunners, an LGBTQ running group was formed. James and Saul were part of the first group. As part of our 30th Anniversary, they share some of their best memories of the early years and what this group...

Jim Brandt 10-18-22

Jim, 66, joined the Crazies in 2005 as a runner, and started cycling in 2009. He has run ~60 marathons, done ~15 Century rides, and has climbed 5 of the 7 world's continent's highest peaks

Early summer with covid

As an upcoming senior in the pandemic your junior summer usually is a very big part of your life. But mine was a little different


Kyle Gronau (20) talks with Rob Cloutier (40) about self-esteem and confidence in adolescent distance runners. Rob first talks about his own experience growing up and running while dealing with a difficult home life, then gets into his job as...