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Conversation with Maureen Barr: A Worm and Her F1

An interview with genetics professor Maureen Barr, covering topics including academia, running, family, and healthspan.

Project for history – Ray and Camp

Camp is a 47 year old banker who works for colonial trust company. He has 3 kids, Camp jr, Asher and Ray. He talks about thing of life, how he was younger and where he works and how he likes...

Crazy for Running

Toni Aurilio (43) is interviewed from her son Carson Aurilio (14) about her running life. Toni has been running for 16 years of her live and hit her goal of a 100 mile run.

My moms running journey

My mom talks about her running career and her love for Boston


We talked about his accomplishments and regrets, his path to becoming successful, how he wants to be remembered, his views on religion and politics, and what he likes about life.

My Mother’s History

In this interview, my mother and I discussed her life journey. She talked about her childhood in Ireland, and the difficulties her and her family had growing up. She discussed her track career and how that led her to America...

203 interview

This interview is about Tyler’s running career and how he feels about running.

Interview with Thomas Wrigley

In this interview, my father, Thomas Wrigley speaks about his journey while partaking in an IronMan triathlon and the trails and tribulations he went through during it.

A Runner’s Story

An interview with my mom about her favorite hobby: running.

Alexa and her Aunt Fran talk about what it takes to run a marathon in all fifty states and seven continents.

High school freshman, Alexa Hayden, interviews her aunt, Fran Macavinta, on December 29th, 2019, at Alexa’s home in Solebury, Pennsylvania. Fran Macavinta was born in 1965 and began running at 39 years old in 2004. She embarked on her running...