Growing up

During this interview Allicia Billing talks about her life growing up and her dreams.

Agnes Giammona

growing up in michigan and what life has been like since

Victorians Final

During this interview, we talked about how life was when Mr. Harrison grew up and how it is now. We talked about rights then versus how rights are now.

Grandma Hibbard – early life

Chatting with grandma about growing up and starting her own family.

My grandma

We talked about her life from when she was younger till she got older

My Grandma’s Story

We talked about wisdoms she would like to have passed down, her very few regrets, and her greatest accomplishments: her family. My grandma has come a long way from growing up in a little town in West Virginia by working...

A Talk with My Mom

Going through the years of my mom’s upbringing and immigrating to a new country.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My mom and I interview my grandma who lived in a ranch in Tupicocha, Peru. Then talks about moving to a city and then to the US. Including memories of her children, regrets and how she’ll be remembered

Jacob Interview

We talked about Jacob’s perspective on life and how college has impacted him as a person.

About my host family’s mom.

We talk about so many thing about her personal life, memories, opinions and how she learned cooking so well.

The Teacher

This is an interview of Marie Sasser done by her Grandaughter, myself, Clara William where we discuss growing up in a small town and her life as a teacher in a much larger town.

The loved Coach Schane

What is important to coach schane

Kim Moriyama and Charles Minkler
September 9, 2022 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Kim Moriyama (54) and Charles "Charly" Minkler (66) talk about their upbringing, political beliefs and their struggles as outsiders.

Randy White and Ryan Jacobsen

One Small Step conversation partners Randy White (65) and Ryan Jacobsen (42) talk about the importance of community engagement and their commitment to both urban and rural Fresno.

Granddad’s 100th birthday

Interview with John Busma by his granddaughter, Katie Harrold, on his 100th birthday about his life growing up on a farm in Montana, his service in the US Navy, and life in general.

Jenn Collins and Brad Barnes

Spouses Jenn Collins (48) and Brad Barnes (51) sit down for a conversation about their lifestyle as small scale farmers. They discuss their simple living ethos and their favorite parts of farming, as well as the importance of community gardens...

Inside the deep with Adrian Sanchez

Getting deeper with one of our amazing guests starred by Adrain Sanchez diving deeper into his journey with music, family and future!

“It’s fun, dangerous, exciting,” Russell says of why he’s kept logging all these years.
November 7, 2017 App Interview

Here is an interview with Dale Russell about being a logger in Hayfork, CA during the fall of the timber industry. A small community of about 2500 in Trinity County, Hayfork is a former logging town that was thrown into...

Grandpa paul

I interview my grandpa about his values and history of his life