Remembering Maxine McAninch Hogue in celebration of her 100th birthday

Janet Hogue Thompson (77) talks with her daughter Michelle Thompson (51) about the life of her mother Mary Maxine McAninch Hogue (1920-1993) in rural Casey County, Kentucky.

The Story of His Life

Interview with Kevin Beasley who is my grandfather.

Charla Lowery and Betty Fryrear

Betty Fryrear (94) talks about growing up during the Great Depression and shares memories from her childhood with her daughter, Charla Lowery (72).

Bonnie Scherr and Rachael Perez

Coworkers Bonnie Scherr (60) and Rachael Perez (23) share a conversation about their experiences living in Dalton, Georgia, the books that have impacted them, their work in the library, and the roles they see themselves filling in their community.

Socialization and Growing Up

Tori’s life, the experiences in working with horses and her childhood: all of which have shaped who she’s become

Interview with Pop

I talked with my grandpa, Pop, about his life experiences and politics today.

Talk with my Grandmother!

We talked about anything from life stuff to silly questions! We both learned a lot about each other and it was so much fun.

Interview with Linda Lathers

We interviewed Linda and learned a lot about her views and the way she lived when she was young compared to how children are raised now. It was an educational experience and her opinions were interesting and very enlightening to...

Job Ngwe: Past and Present

I spoke to Dr. Job Ngwe, a professor of Social Work at Northeastern in his home in Chicago, IL about his past and what he looks forward to in the future for TheGreatListen2017 and Lincoln Park HS Room 311.

“After awhile you got to see that until logging stopped completely, for some people it was never going to be enough.”
November 7, 2017 App Interview

Here is an interview with John Porritt about being a logger in Hayfork, CA during the fall of the timber industry. A small community of about 2500 in Trinity County, Hayfork is a former logging town that was thrown into...

My grandaddy

We talked about his life and how he got through the pain of Vietnam

Grandma Haynes

Grandma's Haynes is 90 years old and tells me about her life

How does one person influence your life?

In this interview on September 26,2018 in Bronx, NY, Ashley Herrera interviewed her mother, Arely Flores about her experiences coming to the United States and why she decided to come. She also discussed how her life was different from living...

Cole Johnston and Owen MacDonnell

Cole Johnston (26) and his "bestie" Owen MacDonnell (25) talk about the origins of their friendship at Cornell University, their participation in the Intergroup Dialogue Project, and how their similar communication styles have made their friendship so strong.

Rita arsenault part 1

Stories from growing up in rural New Brunswick Canada in 1930s-50’s

Grandpa paul

I interview my grandpa about his values and history of his life