Brian & Chinook — A South Fork Story

Brian shares a story about how first Chinook Salmon caught on the South Fork of the Salmon with a typical brotherly ending

Pat and a life of Salmon

Pat Ford talks of a life of Salmon conservation and tells a story about a yearly ritual to Marsh Creek

Salmon Idaho Salmon fishing

A salmon Idaho local talks about her experiences growing up fishing small creeks

Local Idahoan talks about how good it feels to give someone great fishing advice

Travis, a multiple generation fishery guy in Idaho, thinks fondly about setting a visiting angler up for success

A Reflection of a past treaty take conflict — then and now

Jeremy tells a story about looking back on a treaty take conflict as a boy and the importance of fish to his family

Scarcity and Abundance – how the spectrum can bring people together

Megan shares hands on experience about how on careful people are in years of scarcity and how it changes the human dynamics in years of better runs

First Time Catch Results in Excitement, and Important Lessons

Zach recalls catching his first big male and female anadromous fish and learns the importance of respecting the resource.

70+ years of Idaho life

70+ years of Idaho life and fishing people from all over the world

Becca — A first fly fish catch

Becca shares short stories about her first catch on a fly rod and answers a couple of questions about Idaho fish

Boise local tells Lady Salmon escape story

Boise local tells a story about being a fish biologist working on Salmon in Alaska

A fishing trip leads to a boat on fire

Salmon Idaho fishing local is out fishing with his friends on the town section and sets his boat on fire

John Hargrove – Garden City, ID

John’s earliest experience with salmon returning to a small creek in his home town, and its influence on his decision to go into fisheries research

Hands on Experience

Rebecca discusses her hands on experience with Idaho fish

How Fish Scientists Learn More Outside of the Lab

Shawn talks about scientists working with fish might learn more about their subjects and each other in other settings

Gourmet Salmon Dinner — only 3 minutes from the water

Jeremy tells a story of how fresh his mom preferred Salmon, and the delicious results

Midwest guy meets a salmon….and a blackbear

Mike is out hiking and fishing in the Frank Church and encounters a huge Salmon...and a black bear