Sophie Hauck and Richard Hauck

Sophie Hauck (18) and her father Richard Hauck (54) discuss their relationship with one another and Sophie's upcoming departure for college.

An Interview With My Dad

Stephan Franczyk (13) is interviewing his dad, Paul Franczyk (46). This interview will include growing up in the 70s/80s, highschool, going to college, meeting his spouse, and more. I personally recommend you turn up your volume as this may seem...

Nilabhro Ghosal and Allison Matthews: Reflecting on the Effects of Disabilities, Growing Up and COVID-19

Nilabhro Ghosal(19) talks with close friend Allie Matthews(18) on the ups and downs of having disabilities, how Covid-19 has altered our life, and reminisce on the past and how we became friends.

Cailey Beck interviews Gina Kim

Gina Kim was born and raised in Koreatown. She is a recent high school graduate and was planning on going to Yale in the fall to study English, but due to COVID-19, has been forced to take a gap year....

Govinda Raju: From India to England

Govinda Raju (84) talks with his granddaughter Tara Raju (17) about his childhood in India during British occupation and Indian independence. He also discusses his experience traveling to and living in England for graduate school.


Aruna Patil (68) talks with her son, Akshay (39) about her parents, growing up in various cities (Mumbai, New Delhi, Wellington) in India, and attending medical school.

Melody Porter and Arvind Patel

Melody Porter (49) and Arvind Patel (73) take an hour to discuss immigration, gun violence, their state of Virginia, and the nuances of American individualism.

Sam Heffner

This is my interview for school. Recorded on 4/1/2021.

Carla Saavedra and Alice Hill

Carla Saavedra (56) talks with her mother, Alice Hill (85), who was born in Tampa in 1936 at an immigrant Spanish hospital. They talk of family members working in the cigar factory, migrating from Spain and her great aunt being...

Izzy Kaller and her grandfather, Paul Kaller.

Izzy interviews her grandfather, about growing up Jewish, for her 2nd Grade INTERGENERATIONAL assignment. Interview took place on March 5, 2021 over Zoom.

Mi Papa, Jose Alberto Jimenez Ramirez

I, Emiliano Jimenez Minor, interviewed my dad, Jose Alberto Jimenez Ramirez, who's 50 years old about his experience growing up in Mexico City, el DF with my grandma, my uncles, my aunts, my dad's cousins. We talked about how my...

Hugh Marasa's Life Stories and Advice

Hugh Marasa (61) talks with his son Alec Marasa (17) about his life experiences and what he has learned from them. He covers his job, aspirations as a young adult, and being a parent of two.

All About Beth Harris

Beth Harris(36) talks to Miyah Winter(14) about her childhood and what growing up in a Guyanese home made her into.

Laura Sherman and Joanna Sherman

Joanna Sherman (21) talks with her twin sister, Laura Sherman (21) about what being a twin means and family relationship shifts over college and COVID-19.

Lillian Miller and Barbara Miller

Lillian Miller: 2020-05-13 16:26:50 Barbara Miller (74) talks about her childhood, relationship with her husband Norman Miller, and her experience as a parent and grandparent.

Amanda Patel and Ronald Thuesen

Amanda Patel (44) and her dad Ronald "Ron" Thuesen (69) talk about growing up in Montana and describe their family dinners. They reflect on how their lives have changed due to the coronavirus.

Mary Ritacco and Gordon Hawkins

Mary Ritacco talks with her grandfather, Gordon Hawkins about his childhood, life lessons and memories.

Richard Flores (94) and granddaughter Erica Flores (43)

Richard talks about growing up as a first-generation Mexican-American in the Northside of Fort Worth during the Great Depression, working as a pressman, his time in the Korean war, his parents fleeing the Mexican revolution, and his hopes for his...

Eve Shenale life story and experiences on Navajo Reservation

Eve Shenale (41) shares her life story on the Navajo reservation and urban city to her son, Matthew Gould (16). Growing up in the Navajo Nation Reservation and school life in the urban city came with constant moving. In both...