Envisioning the Future

National Coalition on School Diversity #NCSD2017 participants share their vision for the future of school diversity.

Dwania Kyles and Diane Bezucha

Dwania Kyles (67) speaks with conversation partner Diane Bezucha (39) about her experience as a member of the the Memphis 13-- the inaugural class of first graders to desegregate schools in Memphis, TN. Dwania reflects on the work of her...

Diane Hayes Powers and Destiny McLurkin

Diane Hayes Powers (69) speaks to her daughter Destiny McLurkin (39) about being a part of Seattle's bussing program during school desegregation. Diane speaks about the challenges she faced as a Black student at a majority white school and how...

Will Massey and Sam Massey or "I was Raised by Wolves"

Will Massey (27) talks with his dad (Sam Massey), who grew up in the 60's in suburban D.C., rural central Pennsylvania, and central Illinois. He shares the family stories that still make him laugh, as well as stories of school...

Diane Overby Sides, Lisa Langley, and Joyce Overby

Lisa Langley (59) and Diane Overby Sides (69) interview their mother, Joyce Overby (89), about how she advocated for students and supported the community during her 41-year career as a teacher.

Lisa Hamilton-Rajaram and Krishna Rajaram

Spouses Lisa Hamilton-Rajaram (33) and Krishna Rajaram (33) speak about how they met, their careers, their marriage, and what it means to be living and starting a family in Decatur, Georgia.

Tonia Reaves and Robin Young

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Tonia Reaves (51) and Robin Young (23) talk about their experiences in school. They reflect on the impact of racism on their educational upbringings, their experiences adapting to multi-racial school environments, and their hopes for future generations.

Dorothy Davis and Benjamin Davis

Siblings Dorothy Davis (69) and Benjamin Davis (67) reflect on their time growing up as children of foreign service workers. They discuss the differences between going to school abroad versus in the United States as Black students during the early...

Betty Sawyer and Mama Charlotte Starks

Friends and colleagues Betty Sawyer (69) and Mama Charlotte Starks (74) reflect on the community building, education, and healing work they have dedicated their lives to. They discuss those who have influenced them, the importance of the work, and their...

Stefanie Felix and Mitchell Green

Mother and son Stefanie Felix (69) and Mitchell Green (38) speak about Stefanie's experience attending a multiracial high school in San Francisco, California amidst nationwide school desegregation efforts.

Archie Willis III and Constance Dyson

Archie Willis III (62) interviewed by his friend Constance Dyson [no age given] about his father A.W. Willia Jr. who was highly involved in the Civil Rights Movement, attending integrated schools, his mother's civic and volunteering work, how his childhood...

Bert Belanger and Janice Martin

One Small Step partners and Oklahoma City residents Janice Martin (66) and Bert Belanger (65) discuss how their lived experiences have informed their perspectives on race, gender, abortion, adoption, and faith.

Sally Gilbert and Jeri Thompson

One Small Step conversation partners Sally Gilbert (67) and Jeri Thompson (63) discuss their shared experiences growing up in the South, raising children, and reckoning with their race. They reflect on their generational connection and their hopes for the future.

Katherine Schroeder and Kerry Seiwert

One Small Step participants Katherine "Kate" Schroeder [no age given] and Kerry Seiwert [no age given] discuss their lives in Kansas, their relationship to faith and religious communities, and how they feel disconnected from the groups they are a part...

Gloria Pillow and Thomas Pillow

Husband and wife, Gloria Pillow (75) and Thomas Pillow (76), reflect on being a part of the last generation to attend segregated schools in Nashville, Tennessee. They speak fondly of their experience at their all-Black high school, Cameron.

Dwania Kyles and Leandrew Wiggins

Dwania Kyles (67) speaks with friend and fellow member of the Memphis 13 Leandrew Wiggins (68). The two discuss their differing experiences as members of the initial group of Black first graders who integrated Memphis schools during desegregation.

Parents and Students on School Integration

National Coalition on School Diversity #NCSD2017 participants Courtney and Aneth share why they joined the school integration movement

Juanita Floyd and Sara Berry

Friends Juanita Floyd (59) and Sara Berry (54) share a conversation about Juanita’s experiences integrating her elementary school in 1969 as the only Black student in her grade and about the value of trying to make a difference in other...

Cindy Buske and Joshua Soldwedel

Cindy Buske (54) and her son Josh Soldwedel (29) discuss Cindy's experiences with desegregation in Seattle. As an elementary school student, Cindy had minority students bused into her school. Then as a high school student, Cindy was bused from her...