Quin + Tiago Chat About Global

Quin Buisch (22) interviews Tiago Noce (22) about our time at LIU global and our friendship over the years.

John Laramee interview

Me and Braden asked him Questions about his childhood and his favorite memories.

Joshua Kim interviews Chang-Soo Han(uncle)

This is a conversation I (Joshua Kim) had with my mom’s brother Chang-Soo Han. In this conversation we talk about his upbringing in Korea, his tough school life, and the love for soccer that pushed him through it. He also...

Hermit Crab Thief

My Mom (Kelli) who is 50 and myself (Mo) who is 15 discuss the time my mom snuck the class pet Willie the hermit crab into her shirt in attempt to keep it for longer. The hermit crab ended up...

Parks Kilburn’s interview with his Grandfather

Me and my grandfather talked about how his life was when he was a child and how he ended up in the milatary. We also talked about how he met his wife and his parents.

LaRaye Sheridan and Michael Sheridan

LaRaye Sheridan (83) speaks with her husband Michael Sheridan [no age given] about her childhood, school years, and their life as a family.