Thanksgiving Interview

I camryn Wilson and my mother Lakeshia Taylor have a conversation about her childhood and memories.

Jim Manhart and Debora Moore

One Small Step partners Jim Manhart (65) and Debora Moore (54) talk about how their experiences and identity influence their world views. Debora talks about their native roots and creating community among Native people, and Jim talks about his background...

"When I was a child I always loved nature — I [knew] I wanted to become a scientist." A conversation with Stephanie Marie Ortiz Rosario.

Stephanie Marie Ortiz Rosario is an undergraduate student and Physics major from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez. Over the summer, Stephanie will be participating at SaSa, the Student Airborne Science Activation, summer program. SaSa is hosting 25 early-career undergraduates (first-...

Nicola Weiss, Evan Weiss , Megan Weiss, Cameron Weiss, Chad Weiss, Ian Weiss, and Sean Weiss

Chad Weiss (46) speaks with his wife, Nicola Wiess (46) and their children, Evan Weiss (15), Megan Weiss (15), Cameron Weiss (15), Ian Weiss (13) and Sean Weiss (16), about their work in the sciences. The children talk about they...

Hugh Neely and Kirstin McCann

Hugh Neely (68) and his One Small Step conversation partner Kirstin McCann (67) talk about their work- Kirstin as an educator, and Hugh currently as a photography instructor at a California state prison, their shared adoration of Thomas Jefferson, slavery's...

AGU Test

Test recording to find AGU Community Page

Nathan Windel: Stewarding an Outdoor Laboratory

Lauren Ray interviews Nathan Windel, a local science educator, about the importance of place-based learning opportunities at the Buffalo. This interview was conducted during an oral history workshop at the Newton County Library.

HoA Extra Credit 3A

My sister talks about her love for learning even as a high schooler and her passion to change the world

How did I get here?

EXP391 / EXP397T sedimentologist and volcanologist Dr. Mike Widdowson talks to Onboard Outreach Officer Maya Pincus about the twists and turns throughout his life that resulted in his various adventures aboard the JOIDES Resolution.

A Legacy of Mentorship

Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, Associate Administrator for NASA's Science Mission Directorate, and Dr. Len Fisk, former professor and NASA Associate Administrator for Space Science and Applications, share their long history together--and what it takes to be a great mentor.

Veronica (Ronnie) Drantz talks about the picketing of Astro Restaurant for Stonewall OutLoud

Ronnie covers everything from being outed in graduate school and helping to organize 9 day protest outside of the Astro Restaurant in Chicago to her current activism as a physiologist and educator.

Alex interview
November 27, 2022 App Interview

I (Serena, 15) interviewed my brother (Alex, 21) about his views and personal philosophy. He discussed how curiosity, interest, and motivation are the basis for his behavior.

Liz Forsell Talks to her Great Aunt and Uncle about her Family History/Identity

In this interview, held on January 28th, 2021, over FaceTime, Liz Forsell (14) interviews her great aunt, Barbara Smith (78), and great uncle, Lou Smith (80). Lou starts by explaining the reality of growing up during World War II and...

The Apollo 13 Mission: Resolving Crisis from 200,000+ Miles Away

Ed (Edward) Mallonen III—a member of the team of engingeers who had to find a way for the Apollo 13 to return safely once problems arose—retells the high-stakes work he and his fellow engineers invested to create a solution to...

Amy Lindahl and Sarah Hall

Content: Amy Lindahl (34) talks with her friend and fellow science teacher Sarah Hall (31) about how to remain excited about teaching and help students to empathize with one another. Amy tells Sarah how she felt when the school she...

Jaclyn Schwartz and Catherine Hoyt

Friends and coworkers Jaclyn Schwartz (36) and Catherine Hoyt (38) reflect on their experience as women in science, discussing some of the challenges they face as women in their field.

"Persistence is necessary to have a career in the sciences." An interview with Laura Iraci.

Dr. Laura Iraci is a research scientist in the Earth Sciences Division at NASA Ames, where she leads a group focusing on air and where human pollution goes. In this interview, we discuss her early interest in high school chemistry...