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“What I do is I make sure that data is accessible and we say discoverable… which is really important.” An Interview with Michele Thornton

When it comes to data archiving, Michele Thornton has you covered. As a Geospatial Data Professional for ORNL-DAAC, Michele ensures that NASA funded research is accessible not only to researchers out in the field but to a larger user community...

Virginia Breen and Daniel Breen

Daniel Breen (26) shares a conversation with his mother, Virginia Breen (74), about Virginia's upbringing in Massachusetts, her advocacy for women's rights, and her travels around the world.

“The best part about science is that if you do an experiment and your hypothesis is wrong you just try again” An interview with Adeena Teres

Adeena Teres is a high school science teacher in Florida, although she tried a few different careers before following her passion for teaching. As a teacher, there are always opportunities to inspire students either into science careers or towards other...

Jaime Thom and Linda Lentz

Jaime Thom (40) speaks with her colleague Linda Lentz (72) about her long career as a science teacher, and volunteer at the South Carolina aquarium and what she hopes will be her legacy.

Robyn Hrivnatz and Sarah Bauguss

Colleagues, Robyn Hrivnatz (33) and Sarah Bauguss (34), talk about their careers in education and why they started teaching. They are technology integration specialists in Katy, TX.