Interview with Marc Blumstein

Interview with a chemist of 30 years about his life and work.

Brent Carter Interview

Interview of my Grandfather regarding his life, and specifically his diving career.


Interview with my grandma

In Conversation With: Doctor Holloway

Peer into the great mind of Doctor Holloway as he details his high school days, his advice for Generation Z, and his greatest successes.

PhD, Singapore, San Juan, New York

Talked about pursuing a Ph.D. and experiences surrounding it.

The Apollo 13 Mission: Resolving Crisis from 200,000+ Miles Away

Ed (Edward) Mallonen III—a member of the team of engingeers who had to find a way for the Apollo 13 to return safely once problems arose—retells the high-stakes work he and his fellow engineers invested to create a solution to...

A Look into Grad School And STEM Fields

I interviewed my sister about her life and career goals and her experiences in the college, grad school, and STEM communities. As a high school senior, I found it interesting to hear about the life outside of traditional college. I...

Personal Perspective of a Biomedical Researcher

A biomedical researcher discusses the qualities of being a good scientist. He elaborates on the important discoveries in recent years and his view of the future of biomedical research.