“Standing up” at UVA

Lois Doyle Schwall tells us a story about her time as a student at the University of Virginia in the late 1950’s and about how she literally and metaphorically stood up against racial segregation at the University.

Mrs. Hinch

Mrs. Hinch talks about growing up in North Carolina with her siblings, going to the theatre, civil rights, and moving North.

Segregation in Milwaukee

I talked with my grandpa about his view on segregation in Milwaukee.

Donald Cole and Michael Johansson

Michael Johansson (71) interviews his friend and colleague, Dr. Donald Cole (70), about his experience as part of the Ole Miss Eight, a group of eight students who were expelled from the University of Mississippi for protesting racial inequality.

Susie Howard and Kayla Morris

Library Associate, Kayla Morris [no age given], has a conversation with interview participant, Dr. Susie Brown Howard [no age given], about her experience as a nursing student from the 1962 class at Grady Memorial Hospital School of Nursing. The conversation...

A War On Two Fronts

Not long ago, people of color were more heavily mistreated, denied opportunities, and denied respect based on one thing. On November 29th, 2017, 14 year old Jason Ridley interviews his 85 year old grandfather, John Ridley III, about his time...

Wanda Bridgeforth and Beth Finke

Wanda Bridgeforth (97) is interviewed by her friend Beth Finke (60) about growing up in Bronzeville, Chicago, her time at DuSable High School, and her love for writing.

Raymond Lakes and Yolanda Lakes

Yolanda Lakes (50) sits down with her father, Raymond "Ray" Lakes (72), to ask about his upbringing in Columbus, GA and the world events, as well as personal experiences, that have shaped his current worldview.

Back to the past

My grandmother, Sandra tells about her wonderful life from the 40s til now.

Civil rights in Washington State

First, segregation wasn’t as bad. Then, In the 1960’s protesting took place and people of a different race were not allowed to sit with whites and had a different bathrooms and water fountains. Next, in 1963 Martin Luther King, a...

Race Relations in Memphis, TN during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

Jackson Moreton interviews Eldon Blount on November 28, 2018 in Oxford, MS. Eldon grew up in Memphis, TN during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Public schools were still segregated and racial tensions were high. Eldon shares his experience...

A Walk Through the Life of Randy Macht

This interview with Randy Macht, conducted by his daughter, takes a walk through his life and experiences. He details his childhood and family life, as well as talking about his gymnastics career and schooling. Mr. Macht tells stories of his...

November 26, 2021 App Interview

This Is the story of Gordon Zeese who is my grandfather. He gree up switching from New York to Albany with segregation still legal He grew up in high school as a smart semi outsider and facing all the challenges...

Residual Feelings of Segregation

The interviewee, my aunt, was alive for the transition period of integrating black students into segregated schools.

Learning Nana: An Afternoon With Diane Walker

A Nana tells her grandson what it was like growing up in the country and city during the Second World War, being Black in segregated America, and other challenges she faced later in life.

Oral History Interview

Here I interviewed Robert Swinney and talked with him about his experiences with integration and segregation growing up.

My 100 Year Old Great Grandmother

I sit down with my great grandmother to have a conversation about life, difficulty, struggle, happiness, love and death. She has lived a long life and has many stories to tell.

Living During a Time of Civil Disparity

My mother, Janet Lynn Coleman (Crawford) tells about her life, as a black child, growing up in the Deep South during a time of overt racism, bigotry, and segregation.

Silvia Bunn and Deborah Clark

Coworkers Silvia Bunn (67) and Deborah Clark (60) gather to honor and appreciate Deborah's years of service at the Mildred L. Terry Public Library, the first public library for African Americans in Columbus, GA. Deborah reminisces about coming to the...

Twilla Booker and Michael Sterling

Friends Twilla Booker (59) and Michael Sterling (67) share a conversation about the community in Oak Ridge, Tennessee where she grew up and about and about how that historically Black community and neighborhood have changed over the years.