"I was walking in the park in Harlem with my daughter, I saw Malcolm X and his daughter and we just started talking "

In this interview Matthew Holmes who grew up in a segregated schools and churches in Virginia. He is telling the story of his life and experiences with segregation and how he dealt with it.

A Great Grandmother story

This interview reflects on the past of Leola Halls childhood in Arkansas. She explains how the past were during discriminated schools and the WW2. Leola also states how she picked cotton as a child an most importantly states how it...

Oral History Project

I interviewed my grandma and asked her about her experience in the 50’s and 60’s.

Interviewing my epic Grandmother.

Spoke with my grandmother Susan DiFatta about growing up in the Deep South and other childhood memories

The Interesting History of Carmelita Mixon

In this interview, Carmelita Mixon gives a glimpse of her life to her granddaughter, Maria Mixon. We discussed her relationship with Reginald Lewis, Modeling, New York, Her Husband, and living during Segregation. We hope you enjoy!!!

Arthur Park and Abe Cho

Cousins Arthur Park (82) and Abe Cho (81) sit down to remember Herbert Cho, Abe' younger brother and Arthur's cousin, who died during the Vietnam War.

"We should have fought for equality, not integration"

Lauren Graham (17) talks with her grandmother Lavonda Graham (77) about racism and segregation in Milwaukee. In her eyes, integration wasn't so great for us and still isn't today. Join us as we uncover the truth in Milwaukee and its...

Conversation with Legend and Paris Brown (Segregation)

My Nana Paris Brown [69] and I talked about segregation and discrimination. She had experienced, which was very little. We also talked about what she did in her free time and other experiences she has seen encountered or heard about...

Talking about Betty’s early and late life

In the interview on Sunday the 25 November 2018 we talked about a lot of things. One of the things that we talked about was her childhood. We also talked about the Emmett till case and also we talked about...

Engaging communities in our shared history of segregation.

National Coalition on School Diversity #NCSD2017 participants share why we all need to learn about out history of segregation and its consequences.

Dave Schoen talks to Yasmin Misra about his childhood and his experiences later on in life as an educator

On November 21, 2018 in Dallas, Texas, Yasmin Misra (16) and Dave Schoen (74), family friends, discuss Mr. Schoen's childhood and Norwegian upbringing in rural Wisconsin. Mr. Schoen also talks about teaching as a university professor in Indiana and how...

Jane Moore and Kristine Anderson

One Small Step conversation partners Kristine Anderson (73) and Jane Moore (55) discuss their jobs as teacher and NICU nurse respectively, how they have loved ones who differ with them greatly on politics, and what it means to live in...

Interview with My Grandfather

Today I interviewed my grandfather who attended both college and medical school during the time of segregation.

Sue Rogers Story

Talking with my longtime family friend Sue Rogers (Ms. Sue) about life and growing up black in Jim Crowe Mississippi.

Zakaria and her God-Grandfather Jim talk about his childhood, moving to a new state and life now.

In this interview, conducted in Flint, Michigan during November 2018, Zakaria Brame interviews her God-Grandfather, Jim Jackson, about his teenage years in Greenwood, Mississippi. He shares memories of playing music and being in a band throughout high school and college...

Addison Hunt interviews her great grandmother, Pebble Ewing, about life in the segregated south.

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2018 in Oxford, Mississippi, Addison Hunt (13) interviews her great grandmother Pebble Ewing (80) about life in the South during segregated and integrated times. Mrs. Ewing shares stories of going to segregated schools,...

Edithe Dobbins Mason, Keziah Dobbins, Jensen Humphreys, and Kaylee Baxter

1960s lifestyle interview with Edithe Dobbins Mason: 2023-04-10 23:45:49 In this interview, the assassination of JFK and MLK Jr. are discussed along with personal experiences living in Washington D.C. and entertainment preferences during a time of change.

My Mimi’s Life

My grandma, Diane Captain, looks back at her early life and the Civil Rights Movement. She compares her generation's macho to the current one's social media craze.