Naomi: Self Love and Discovery

This interview covers a topic that’s not talked about enough in today’s society. Mental health. In this conversation, Naomi and I discuss what mental health is, how to combat it, and our personal experiences.

Tokeya Graham and Keilani Graham

Tokeya Graham (48) shares a conversation with her daughter, Keilani Graham (23), about the way the pandemic has shifted their relationship, as well as their understanding of personal creativity. They also discuss living authentically while centering autonomy.

Roniece Gilkey and Janessa Jordan

Roniece Gilkey (49) speaks with the teacher of three of her sons, Janessa Jordan (32), about changes in education during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the extra burdens that students, teachers, and parents have all had to take on.

Slowing Down with Alyssa

As an educator and entrepreneur, Hashimoto's disease and environmental illness made Alyssa face human limits long before the coronavirus outbreak forced us to shelter-in-place. She talks about self care in a revolutionary way because learning to reconcile her passion with...

Project 3: Interview 2 with Lucia Owens

Interviewing Lucia Owens about media, COVID-19, self-care, current events, and mental health. Lucia has taken a unique path to self-care, and offers a one of a kind perspective.

Sara Bavar, Anna Moshefi, and Nina Moshefi

Sara Bavar (44) shares a conversation with friends and sisters Anna Padideh Moshefi (35) and Nina Nirvana Moshefi (39). They discuss their COVID-19 relief work, their experiences as part of the MTO Shahmasghsoudi School of Islamic Sufism, and the lessons...

Kalolaine Palei and Louisa Tali

Kalolaine Palei (30) and her friend Louisa Tali (26) talk about losing their fathers and how those losses have changed them. They also talk about their careers in healthcare fields and the importance of prioritizing taking care of themselves mentally...

Sarah Underwood and Lea Zikmund

Sarah Underwood (33) talks with StoryCorps facilitator Lea Zikmund (23) about her relationship and journey with mental illness.

Natalia Calonzo and Liz Wessel

Natalia shares with Liz the life changing impact that the care and nurturing of one St. Joseph nurse had on her when she was alone at age 17 giving birth. This experience changed her life trajectory and set her on...

Pricilla Malagon Bon & Lisa Traucht

Pricilla, a nurse practitioner and her work 'sister', Lisa, a social worker, share stories of their work in palliative care. Trying to leave work at work so they can be fully present with their families when they get home. What...

Jeryl's Justification

Entrepreneurship comes in many different faces. As I was discovering new moving stories of incredible people and their passion for creation, I found one that spoke to me. Jeryl's Journey, Jeryl is the mastermind that came up with the incredible...

Melissa Del-Colle and Lori Motola

Melissa talked about discovering who she *really is later in life, shifting her priorities to exclude the expectations of others, the correlation between value and joy and the role higher education plays in our ability or inability to figure out...

New Post-Pandemic Normal with Elizabeth Zhong

We talk about learning about ourselves and our character and thinking about our new normal

Life During the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020

COVID-19 have been affecting students in a lot of ways. This interview features my experiences and how I cope with quarantine so far. Whether it’s technology usage, daily activities, or communication, etc.

Elizabeth Woodside and Heather Wilson

Elizabeth Woodside (64) shares a conversation with her coworker Heather Wilson (45) about mental health, motherhood, and the relationship they share.

Sulique Waqa, Juan Sanchez Marin, and Gigi Baxter

International LGBT rights advocates Sulique Waqa [no age given], Juan Miguel Sanchez Marin (38), and Gigi Baxter [no age given] discuss their advocacy program, define resistance, and talk about colonization of indigenous queer bodies during their conversation in the booth.

Crystal Frazier and Laurie Jones

Crystal Frazier (55) talks to her friend and colleague Laurie Jones (40) about assessing deployers before and after going to West Africa.

Nikesha Williams and Christa Sylla

Friends and colleagues, Nikesha Williams (32) and Christa Sylla (39) share their connections and origins with traditional African dance, the trauma that African people carry with them, and the importance of self care in their lives.

A Word with Dr. Robin

(Updated 1/6/21: Edited to improve sound and decrease overlap caused by delay.) In an overdue reunion, Robin Wilson graced me with an hour of her Sunday to share her story. She passed down a major portion of my teaching-for-justice toolbox...