What Happened to Yoshi?

Jack Smith’s best friend was kidnapped by the government, and he never saw him again. On January 5, 2020, Ayden Lord interviewed her grandpa, Jack Smith, in Studio City about his best friend Yoshi who was taken to a Japanese...

interviewing ny sister over the pandemic. by luis

i am going to ask my sister 6 questions about her experience during the pandemic

The Journey Across

“Family is the most important piece of my DNA so to have to pretend that I wasn’t a part of the only family I had ever known felt wrong but I knew that I had to do it if I...

Enigmatic life

I was separated from my sister at the age of nine. I believed it would be a good time to talk about her experience nine years later.

A Conversation with Anna Levendel Part I

Anna shares her first-hand account if the impact the war had on her and her family in Belgium prior to and during the war.

Reynaldo Segovia and Ysabel Segovia

Reynaldo Segovia (68) habla con su hija Ysabel Segovia (34) de su vida en Perú, su relación con sus padres y su familia y su decisión de buscar trabajo en los Estados Unidos. [Reynaldo Segovia (68) speaks with his daughter...

Katherine DaCosta and William Turner

Katherine DaCosta (71) interviews her friend William Turner (72) about his deep interest in family, and his memories of spending time with his children.

A Child’s Perspective: Post Separation

Jamie interviews her son Trevor, 8, to understand how he feels about being an only child and his thoughts about his parents not being together for the past 3 years.

Without your family

This interview is mainly about how my grandma felt, when my mom,sister, and I left Texas. My grandma talks about the tears they have shed and how different it was since we moved away from them.

Our Love Story

My mother and I discussed her rocky but love-filled relationship with my father. We touched on life together with and without children and how life changed their relationship over the years.

The Great Listen w/ Dad

Interviewed my Joe Ruccione about his childhood, through professional school, up to how this Thanksgiving was the worst day of his life.

Growing Up In America as a Taiwanese Immigrant

Nicole Tindall (16) talks to her mother Amy Chen (49) about her experience being a Taiwanese immigrant in America.

Developmental Theories Interview

Questions help to illustrate Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory, Bowlby’s Attachment Theory, Erikson’s Psychosocial Developmental Theory

Father and Daughter, a talk to remember

In this interview, conducted in November 26, 2017 in Tyler Texas Zulymar Ponce(15) interviews her dad Andres Ponce(44) about a situation that had happened in the past in their family and why he did what he did. He also talked...

12 months, 12 camps, 12 years old: A Dark Time in History.

At just 12 years old, Edith Frankie’s life was turned upside down. She went from having friends to being called an ugly jew, having rocks and mud thrown at her, and being forced to wear the yellow star on all...