A Life Spent Following God
November 22, 2022 App Interview

My name is Michelle Holmes, and I am speaking with Mrs. Billie Gentry. I am asking her questions about her life that she has spent following God.

“I want to be remembered as someone that loves people”

This interview contains stories of my moms childhood, how she met my father, and who she is as a person. It was fun to understand how she views herself and what memories come to mind when I ask her these...

Henry J. Balderrama and Noah Balderrama talking about life during the Vietnam War.

On April 30th, 2021, my grandfather (70) and I (21) discussed his youth growing up in Arizona and making his way to California. My grandfather was not as lucky as some children and was in the foster care system for...

Diego talks with Grandma about her life

Diego Aguilera Kelley, age 13, talks with his grandmother, Lovella Kelley, age 80. She tells him about growing up in western KS and her life experiences.

A Story of Service

This is my dad’s story of growing, learning, and how he sees the world.

April Gallegos and Judy Bassett

Friends April Gallegos (42) and Judy Bassett (70) share a conversation about service, their families and childhoods, and their passion for helping children succeed.

Marvina Hooper and C V

Friends Marvina Hooper (65) and C V (43) talk about their faith and the nonprofit organization Marvina started called Casa David. They talk about the work they are doing to support people in need in Honduras and Guatemala.

A life centered around faith, family, and good food.

My interview with my mom revealed a new understanding of her life long focus on faith and family. Her Irish, Catholic upbringing brought humor, history and community to her throughout her life. She was inspired by the examples of service...

Interview with my Grandfather

I’ve always looked up to my Grandfather he served in the Yonkers Police Department for 30 years as well as the Coast Guard Reserves for 8.


R. Fant and T. Holt having a quick sit down. 4/18/2021

Robert Curry 2
December 28, 2019 App Interview

Serving others is a gift

Joyce Richmond and Jerry DeWitt

Friends Joyce Richmond (83) and Jerry DeWitt [no age given] talk about Jerry's decades of military service, Joyce's experience being a Gold Star Mother, and their shared commitment to volunteerism.

Jane Johnson and Marie Blatz

Jane Johnson (62) interviews her aunt Sister Marie Jeanette Blatz (87) about her life and experiences as a nun.

Brian Kates and Lonni Miera

Brian Kates (51) and Lonni Miera [no age given] talk about their work in the neighborhood with the Meadows Park Community Center and the importance of helping others.

Veronica Nickel and Mary Olitzky

Veronica Nickel (44) shares a conversation with her mother’s best friend, Mary Olitzky (68), remembering Veronica’s mother, Yolanda.

Important person interview

Talking to John brady about his military life to his son. Explaining his 14 years of experience in the military.