Susana Pinal and Jenny St. Onge

One Small Step partners Susana "Suzzy" Pinal (47) and Jenny St. Onge (51) talk about their views on abortion, their experiences moving to the United States from other countries, and US policy toward immigrants.

Jessica Rhodus and Jose Saez

One Small Step participants Jessica Rhodus (46) and Jose Saez Jr. (26) talk about the importance of parenthood, faith, and their differing perspectives on public education.

Elaina Behounek and Arlene Baker

One Small Step conversation partners Elaina Behounek (41) speaks to Arlene Baker (68) about the history of politics and sex education.

Dee Armstrong and Martha Jones

Best friends Dee Armstrong [no age given] and Martha Jones [no age given] talk about Martha's career as a teacher, Dee's career as a news anchor, and what makes the two of them such great friends. They also discuss the...

Joan Ditzion and Nancy Hawley

Joan Ditzion (75) and her friend and colleague Nancy "Miriam" Hawley (75) talk about what it was like to help found "Our Bodies, Ourselves," their earliest memories of being aware of their bodies, and the Women's Movement of the 1960s...

Sex Education: The Talk 2

An interview with Gina Tonello about a more comprehensive sex education instead of an abstinence based health experience. Visit www.stoptheshaming.org to find out more info on this topic!

Dorene Owen and Amanda Ashcraft

One Small Step conversation partners Dorene Owen (56) and Amanda Ashcraft (36) discuss loss of loved ones, childbirth and motherhood, and their careers. They share their experiences with reproductive care and their views on abortion and sex education.

Deborah Levine, Kareem Youngblood, and Jaron Cook

Kareem Youngblood (31) and Jaron Cook (32) interview their colleague Deborah Levine (52) about what inspired her to work for Love Heals.

Nicole Schiff and Jazmin Vasquez

Friends and colleagues Nicole Schiff (34) and Jazmin Vasquez (33) share a conversation about the myths and misconceptions of human trafficking. They also discuss labor trafficking, online exploitation of youth, and the differences between smuggling and trafficking.

Kristin on Sex in the Media

In this interview I explore the topic of sex in the media with Kristin, an interdisciplinary studies major who focuses on human sexuality.