Laughter and Love

In this interview, conducted April 21, 2018 in Orange, CA. I, Vanessa Cortes try my best to interview my parents in my broken Spanish about their endless love and laughters they share daily as a happily married couple. They also...

The Thanksgiving Listen- interviewing my Uncle Jim

Today, Dec 15th, 2019, I interviewed my Uncle Jim from Greenville, SC. He is married to Amy Garland and has two kids- Abbey and Jake Garland. I spend a lot of time with him but realized that I did not...

Test Interview

Ashly Rivas was a shy girl, who is independent and loving.

Practice Interview

During this interview we talked about how Nicole was a child and any regrets she had.


An overview of my early schooling days

Cyntaizanaae’s interview

What was talked about in the questions was basically life questions

Interview with McCallister

I discuss with McCallister what she would change about herself which is her shyness. We talk more about her opening up.