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Jasiri Kemp and his grandmother, Belinda Kemp, talk about life growing up in Flint, Michigan.

This interview, recorded in November 2017 in Flint, Michigan, Jasiri Kemp (15) and his grandmother, Belinda Kemp(60), talks about childhood life, work, and family all growing up in Flint. Ms. Kemp tells stories of her son, my father, as a...

"You make really awesome mac and cheese"

This interview with my brother Owen helped me to realize what he found important in life. It also open my eyes to how he viewed me and brought us closer.

Interview w/ Brittany

We talked about life and how it takes a toll on us and the outcomes is gives.

Childhood As A Twin

Duncan Bailey talks about comical childhood story’s that he remembers. He reminisces story’s with his twin sister Evelyn.

Stephen Lutchman

Stephen Lutchman, an immigrant from Trinidad, shares his story of his family and who he is today.