interview between aiden and Cuong

The interview between Cuong (50 years old) and his son aiden (15 years old). Cuong talks about how his mom was the most impactful person in his life and that she taught him patience was very important. One of his...

Reflections on Lessons and Memories

Dim Nuam 24, interiew her bestfriend 25, Reflections on Lessons and Memories

Courtney and Jayson 9/25

Courtney Leytham, 18, and Jayson Minner, 18, and we are cousins. We briefly talked about BLM protests in St.Louis area, what it was like growing up, his most difficult memories, and life lessons.

Interview with Papa

My name is Finn and I 13 years old. This is my Papa he is 73 years old. We talked about my Papa’s childhood and what things he did as a kid.

Practice Interview

My partner and I talked about random questions we think would be suitable for this assignment.

After The Great Thanksgiving Listening time with my mother Sandra Perez.

This is an interview done the Sunday after Thanksgiving in Raleigh, NC on November 26, 2017 between my mother and myself in regards to a brief summary into her life.

Maggie’s Memories

I was fortunate enough to record some memories that Bebe has told me before. We had a fun, easy conversation that I feel blessed to share with others

Interview With My Mom

This is an interview between myself, and my Mom. She’s my bestfriend, and the most easiest person to talk to, so I saw it best fit to interview her for my Storytelling Assignment.

Interview with my mom

My interview with my mom was about what she thinks of me and mostly about memories or story about her past back in mexico with her family and when she came here to Salinas to start a family with my...

My grandpa

I talked to my grandpa about him growing up and military life.

Interviewing my Mom

I ask my mom about her favorite memories and other life related questions.

Christine Soria and Hector Soria

Daughter and father Christine Soria (35) and Hector Soria (66) share memories about family and loved ones, particularly Hector's late father.

Story Telling Inteview

This is an interview between me and my mother. I will be asking her deep questions about herself and how she views us her children.

The Story Of My Dad’s Life

My dad talks about his life as a child and his experiences throughout life overall including his migration to America. Also, he talks about what I was like as a child and what he would like in the future.

Mommy Interview

I interviewed my mom about her life and some key moments

Thanksgiving Interview

I asked him about his life and how his actions or things he did that made him become who he is today.