The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My great aunt tells me about her family and her career throughout her life.

He did it Paul’s Way

“Regrets, have had a few but then again too few to mention, I did it my way”, A young boy who grew up in Canada with his 2 siblings and 2 parents became one of the youngest self-made singer/songwriters in...

“A real artist should reflect the times …”

When he’s not singing or serving as a church worship leader, Brandon Williams is performing in live shows and recording music. He’s working on his second album, “Rebel Heart,” with songs that address social issues. “It attempts to bring hope...

Beatrice Eng-McDonald

Beatrice Eng-McDonald is also known as Arabella Woodson in The Dojo On The Loose the Loose coming out in January.

2018 Art Action Day – Mai Khoi “Life without art is a sort of death.”

In preparation for the 2018 Art Action Day, the Artists at Risk Connection (ARC) of PEN America interviewed Mai Khoi, a Vietnamese singer and activist based in Hanoi. Mai broke headlines in March 2016 when she nominated herself to Vietnam's...

A Young Artist Gets A Miracle!

That morning I wished that I could meet with the famous band and network with them. That night I was on stage singing with them! A miracle in Monterrey and in my life as an artist.

Mary Jo – Singer Songwriter

At the age of 17, Mary Jo is working on her 2nd album and talks about the trials and tribulations of perusing a music career at a young age.