American Short Stories Interview

I interviewed my 53-year-old mother. Asking about her childhood and what it was like to be a single mom.

The last time my father cheated.
December 8, 2023 App Interview

In interview whit my mom describing the last time my Father cheated where he left me, my brother, and my mother in Virginia.

Cathy on being a single mom: “Hell yeah, I got this.”

Cathy Fox sits down with Preston Spangler to talk about her experiences with being a single mom. Although she is not a woman of many words, she shares some powerful stories about her hardships raising four kids after a divorce.

Shantelle ( moms interview )

I take a second to get one on one about my moms life in great detail. From her childhood, to her favorite thing about me ! Great bonding experience.

Mother & Daughter

I interviewed my mom about her life and what has inspired her.

Blind Date Romance

Almost 50 years as spouses, Marianna (78) and Bill Roberts (76) share the story of how they met on a blind date in 1972. They got married two and a half years later after only spending about 7 weeks together...

“How my moms strength shaped my life.”

Peggy Holmes describes how her mothers strength raising 7 children by herself proved to be influential in her life.

Mom and Son Interview (2024)

My Name is Ethan, I am 17, a junior in High School. This is a fun assignment for school and I will be talking to my mom.

Jan and Nicole Pomnitz

My name is Nicole, and I am interviewing my mom, Jan. In this interview I ask her some questions about her divorce that I have always had running through my head.

Kerica Williams and Ronald Wagner

Kerica Williams (47) and her son Ronald Wagner (21) share a conversation about travel, their aspirations for the future, and their relationship.

Cheryl Guinan, Addison Guinan, and Jean Munson

Jean Munson (33) interviews her colleague Cheryl Guinan (38) and Cheryl's daughter Addison Guinan (10) about leadership, life lessons and their hopes for the future.

My mother and I talk about my life and her life as well. I find out about how she felt throughout her life.

My mother and I talked about her life and my own. She has experienced difficulty throughout her life while dealing with 3 children. She’s a single mother working two jobs. At the moment she feels that we are succeeding in...

What she went though

Me and my mom (Brenda) talk about what it's like being a single parent

Noah guerra and his mom corinna guerra talk about herself and the world.

This interview in 2022 corpus christi Texas, of Corinna Guerra a single mother born in 1977 by her son Noah Guerra. He ask about who she is and what she thinks.

Fran Young and Paul Young

Married couple, Fran Young (68) and Paul Young (72), recall stories and events that lead them to becoming international teachers, traveling to many countries, culture shocks, and navigating life in Springfield, Missouri after traveling abroad.

Service Learning Project

I decided to make this interview to my mom because she is the person that inspire my life and her story as a single mom and strong woman could inspire other lives.

Life of a Single Mom

This is the life of an accountant who while furthering career was the single mother to a monster kid. Some of her difficulty’s and some things she is proud of.

Virginia Eickholt interviewing her Grandmother Joan Rayl

This is an interview between myself, Virginia, and my grandmother, Joan. We are interviewing from her hometown of Decatur, Alabama over Thanksgiving break. We discuss everything from childhood, to advice, to regrets.

Moments with my mother

I talk to my mom about her life and becoming a nurse while being a single mother of 4.

Tammy Howard and Ian Murakami

Tammy Howard (60) speaks with conversation partner Ian Murakami (25) about her childhood and what she has learned on her journey to heal generational trauma through sobriety.

Interview ft. Mom

Shanelle (17) talks with her mom, Gisela Weber, about her childhood, goals, relationships, and more.