Tracy Brown and Bryant Dunivan

Tracy Brown (35) talks with her boyfriend, Bryant Dunivan (36), about meeting each other for the first time, their blended family, their proudest and saddest moments raising their children, their divorces, achievements and spiritual moments.

Brigitte Bowers and Ellie Uribe

One Small Step conversation partners Brigitte Bowers (65) and Ellie Uribe (54) talk about their experiences being in abusive relationships, working in prisons, and their differing views on abortion

Fadil Lee and Megan Lee

Fadil Lee (49) and his wife, Megan Lee (50), have a conversation about their lives, including reconnecting and marrying after having met in college 25 years earlier and adopting a daughter in the past year.

Monica Chavez and Erinn Bagnaschi

Friends Monica Chavez (39) and Erinn Bagnaschi (33) talk about their time volunteering as Christmas decorators for the White House and their work as craftsmanship content creators.

Growing up with a mental disorder

My interviewee and I talked about what it was like growing up with a mental disorder and how she got through the tough times . The interview was conducted on December 6th, 2020 . My interviewee is a happily married...

Carolina and Susy: Journey into Motherhood

Carolina is a UMass student interviewing Susy as a part of a Public Health class project focusing on connection. This interview touches on Susy's experience when choosing to become a mom, adopting her son from Peru, and facing motherhood head...

Lynda’s life

In this interview Zoe Hayes talks with Lynda Sanderson about her walk through life with and without Jesus. On November 28, 2015 Zoe grows closer with her grandmother as she asks her personal questions to better understand Lynda's life before...

This interview is with my Maw-Maw who tells me more about her past life and growing up.

Today my grandma and I talked about her life and what she experienced as a child growing up and I found out more about what her parents and siblings were like. She also mentioned that the hardest part of her...

Jami Miyamoto and Daily Miyamoto

Jami Miyamoto (62) and her daughter Daily Miyamoto (20) talk about their strong bond as mother daughter despite being polar opposites. They talk about how Daily was adopted from China and what the process was like for Jami to bring...

Ngoc Trai Vo and Cam Hien Johnson

Ngoc "Trai" Vo (67) speaks with her daughter Cam Hein Johnson (40) about her early life in Vietnam. She discusses the obstacles she faced as a young, single mother, recounts her decision to come to the US, and encourages others...

Period 2 interview Mia Martinez

interviewing my mom on how she started working at a young age and how choosing work over college affected her in the long run and how her two babies played a part in all that.

Savannah Gilliland and Mother

Savannah Gilliland and her mother, Kerry Gilliland,talk about life advice in a lighthearted fashion.

6,000 Miles to Freedom

It took about 2 years and 6,000 miles to experience any form of freedom for the first time. On January 5, 2020, 15 year old Kian Salehi asks his mother, Nini Salehi, about her journey to America and the challenges...

Well, Damn!

Michael Lewis (17) interviews his mother Teresa Lehman-Lewis (47) about her life growing up with 5 brothers and into the present as a single mom of 3 kids.

Donna Manion and Claudia Tewell

Donna Manion (64) interviews her mother, Claudia Tewell (80), about her upbringing, being a single mother, her career, and her life now.

Jeff Schnell and Monica Young

One Small Step conversation partners Jeff Schnell (45) and Monica Young (29) discuss their family backgrounds and the importance of financial literacy.

At The End of The Day it’s All Good

November 2021, in Flint Michigan, Alyssa Northrup (15) asks their mom, Darlene Northrup (39) about her experiences growing up. The audio isn't the best, and the interview ended in both of us shrugging, but before that my mom Darlene talks...

Cathy Payne and Thomas LaBeau

Tom Labeau (69) and Cathy Payne (69) discuss their midwestern roots, early memories of politics, and the role that politics play in their familial relationships.

Jenny Rask Interviews Father Gene Rask about growing up in Portland Oregon. His family's eating habits and health, and his uncle's passing.
September 27, 2020 App Interview

Jenny Rask: 2020-09-27 03:03:03 Jenny Rask Interviews father Gene Rask about growing up in Portland Oregon with his Lebanese family. His family's eating habits and health growing up, and his Uncle Buster's passing. His dad's odd food cravings. Heart issues...