Trenette Gresham and Nena Washington

Nena Washington (48) speaks with her mentee Trenette Gresham (25) about single parenting, being raised by her grandparents, and their goals for the future.

Carolina and Susy: Journey into Motherhood

Carolina is a UMass student interviewing Susy as a part of a Public Health class project focusing on connection. This interview touches on Susy's experience when choosing to become a mom, adopting her son from Peru, and facing motherhood head...

Susan Stover and C Campbell

One Small Step partners Susan Stover (67) and C Campbell (53) realize they have many parallels in their lives as they talk through their experiences losing their husbands, discuss banned books, and find common ground in their shared perspective on...

Erika Thirkill and Zachary Landgraf

One Small Step conversation partners Erika Thirkill (49) and Zachary Landgraf (42) exchange their lived experiences. They connect as parents and find common ground in their mutual passion for kindness.

Petty Ishak-Bernard and Arti Ishak

Petty Ishak-Bernard (58) and her daughter Arti Ishak (29) talk about navigating their lives as U.S. migrant and first generation U.S. American, respectively. They reflect on their experiences, both of discrimination and of belonging, the challenges they've faced, and the...

Daniel Baughn and Marissa Kanz

Marissa Kanz (38) talks with her ex-husband, Daniel Baughn (40), about their friendship, courtship, marriage and divorce. They talk about their shared spiritual faith, their six-year-old daughter and Daniel Baugh's coming out after they were married. They then talk about...

Pam Rector and Grace Rector

Mother and daughter duo, Pam Rector (64) and Grace Rector (20) talk about Pam's unique journey to motherhood, their unconventional family and who they are as people.

Maria Rodriguez and Juaquin Rodriguez

Siblings Maria Rodriguez (65) and Juaquin Rodriguez (61) talk about their large family, being Latinx, what it was like growing up in a rough part of Dallas, falling into bad habits, and how they've changed throughout life for the better.

Lisa Lester and Michelle Smith

One Small Step partners Lisa Lester (48) and Michelle Smith (57) discuss their backgrounds and differences religious and political views, but also find commonality on education, empowering women, and always wanting to respect others and embrace them as they present...

Salome Mwangi and Wayne Dilliard

Friends Wayne Dillard (56) and Salome Mwangi (50) recall how they met, the bonds their families have with one another and how each has learned from the other over time.