Gloria Dunn-Violin and Donald Violin

Gloria Dunn-Violin (81) speaks with her husband, Donald Violin (87) about the similarities in the ways they grew up, both as first generation Jewish-Americans, and the way they came into one another's lives later in life.

Ayden interviews his grandmother, Re over FaceTime.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen over Facetime. Ayden interviews his grandmother Cheri about growing up with a single mother and being a single mother. My grandmother curses.

Stephanie Wicks and Kim Varey

Stephanie Wicks (50) speaks with her One Small Step Partner Kim Varey (51) about life experiences that have shaped their political leanings, unlearning judgment to communicate with others, and varying political views by generation.

Julie Lehman

Today I interviewed my Grandmother Julie “GJ” (and her dog Lucy) about her childhood and time as a mother and grandmother.

Joy Ford-Harris and Laurie Rackas

Joy Ford-Harris (28) talks with Laurie Rackas (64), who works at Child Care Aware, an advocacy organization with which Joy is associated. Joy shares her experiences as a single working mother who juggles care for her son with her work....