Finding Balance

Interview with my sweet friend, Sara C. Unfortunately I accidentally cut off the beginning of the interview.

Sage McHenry and Bridget Czarnecki

Sage McHenry (14) talks to her cousin, Bridget Czarnecki (14) about her experience during COVID-19

Tony Spolar on the 2008 Recession

My father, Tony Spolar, talked about his experience owning a business during the 2008 recession.

Covid-19: Joe Muldoon of Haddon Culinary

Jackie Neale interviews Haddon Culinary chef-owner and friend, Joe Muldoon during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Joe speaks to the fact that his business only just opened 4 months before the stay-at-home order given by the President of the U.S. and...

Lumila talks about how COVID-19 is affecting her and her business.

Lou talks about how all of this is affecting her and her business. She owns a vintage online store and does everything by herself, she doesn't have employees. She used to use Instagram to promote her clothes and did vintage...

Douglas E. Aldridge and Mike Aldridge

Mike, 32, interviews his father, Douglas, 58. Inspired by a sudden increase in their family through Mike’s engagement with a woman with a son, Douglas talks about his grandparents and about being a parent.

Stratton Pharmacy: Michael Aito – Jack Silberstein

Michael Aito, the owner of Stratton Pharmacy in Scarsdale, New York, has been the strength and stay of the surrounding community for nearly 30 years. As a pharmacist and first-responder, the unprecedented Covid times forced Aito to adapt his business...

Covid-19: Steve McFadden of Revolution Coffee Roasters

Jackie Neale talks with friend and Revolution Coffee Roasters owner, Steve McFadden about the impact the Corona Virus has had on both his business and home life. In March 2020, the Northeast United States was given a stay-at-home order essentially...

Pam Calary and Joan Schatzman

[Recorded: Thursday, March 17, 2022] Pam Calary (59) and Joan Schatzman (70) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. They share their journeys of coming to Charlottesville, and bond over their mutual profession of running guest-houses in the...

Life of Grandpa

My grandpa, Jim Tomaszewski, talks on a variety of topics. He mentioned he had a pet squirrel at one point. He later said the squirrel's name was Oskar.

S2E12 – Bluebird Bakery: Collaboration and Community

On this episode of Field to Flour, we sit down with Jill Severson, owner and baker at Bluebird Bakery in Sandpoint, ID. We talk about the resiliency of small businesses, challenges in distribution, and how to keep staff happy.

Covid-19: Betsy Cook of National Picnic

Jackie Neale talks with her friend and clothing designer, Betsy Cook, about how it feels to follow her inner call to action to use her clothing storefront boutique, National Picnic, to make hundreds of face masks for medical professionals in...

COVID-19: Jackie Walther of The Square Meal

Jackie Walther and Jackie Neale talk about some of the unexpected outcomes of the coronavirus global pandemic. Jackie and her husband Dan own a short-order, take-out restaurant called The Square Meal in Oaklyn, NJ and on the heels of discussing...

Ann Bruttell and Gretchen White
October 4, 2022 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Ann Bruttell (69) and Gretchen White (66) talk about their similar paths in life and how they diverged, moving away from home and how President Nixon and the Watergate scandal influenced their lives.

Small Business Success

Please consider these thoughts if you own or operate a small business.

Brenda Anz and Gabriela Cadena

Gabriela Cadena [no age given] interviews her colleague Brenda Anz [no age given] about her business, journey, and connection to Southside First. Brenda shares how Southside First helped her business grow and also expresses how her business helps others save...

The Dog Trainer

My dad is a small business owner. I have asked him a series of question to see how the COVID pandemic has affected his business.

Interview with my momtrepreneur!

I asked my mom a few quick questions about her product, FusionBelts.