Jacob Curtis and Eileen Curtis – On Business During a Pandemic

Eileen Curtis (~70) talks with Jacob Curtis (16) about her experience running a small business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Spot on Mill Street

Surviving CoVID in a small town. Listen to the owners of The Spot talk about 2020 and how they made their business into their vision of what they had always wanted in the community of Occoquan

A Small Business Owner’s Take on the Pandemic
February 27, 2021 App Interview

The owner, Sally, of Lost In Time, shares her experience with pandemic and its toll on her business.

Joseph Lopez & Scott Acord

Joseph shares his story as a troubled youth leading to being incarcerated 5 times before handing his life over to Jesus, and turning his life around. He now has a thriving closet business in Southern California and in his spare...

Angela Zeng and Shira Smillie

Conversation partners Angela Zeng (50) tells Shira Smillie (27) about her relationship with nature and her Chinese heritage, describing how she combined her roots in traditional herbal medicine with her scientific training to create a line of wellness drinks called...

Baylee Sorenson and Brit Liggett

Friends and colleagues Baylee Sorenson (32) and Brit Liggett (37) share a conversation about their friendship, the small businesses they run, the role models who have influenced them, and their children. They also discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted...

Chris Lampen-Crowell and Bruce Johnson

Chris Lampen-Crowell (63) and Bruce Johnson (68) talk about the process of opening their store Gazelle Sports in Downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan, and the barriers they overcame to make it a success.

Immigration Experience (part 2)

An interview with professor, Dr. Arreguín Bermúdez about his immigration experience, being undocumented in the United States and eventually opening up his own business.

Interview with Walter Emery

I interviewed my Grandfather, Walter William Emery. Walter is currently 76 years old and was born on March 15th, 1942.

Interview with my momtrepreneur!

I asked my mom a few quick questions about her product, FusionBelts.

Brenda Armstrong and Travis Oliger

One Small Step partners Travis Oliger (53) and Brenda Armstrong (41) share a conversation about small businesses, their concerns over the political division in the country, and their life stories.

Troy Teeboom and David Charpentier

One Small Step partners David Charpentier (52) and Troy Teeboom (54) acknowledge influential people in their lives, discuss national versus local politics, share their adoptions stories amongst various other topics.

Judy Sarkozy and Dhera Strauss

Judy Sarkozy (72) talks to her friend Dhera Strauss (63) about starting the Sarkozy Bakery in the city of Kalamazoo, MI, the ups and downs of owning a business, and about having to start over again at the age of...

Interview with my momtrepreneur!

I asked my mom a few quick questions about her product, FusionBelts.

The Dog Trainer

My dad is a small business owner. I have asked him a series of question to see how the COVID pandemic has affected his business.

Steve Desroches, Jim Farley and Tom Boland

Steve Desroches (49) talks to Jim Farley (61) and Tom Boland (58) about Far Land Provisions, a beloved corner grocery, sandwich stop and community gathering spot in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Brenda Anz and Gabriela Cadena

Gabriela Cadena [no age given] interviews her colleague Brenda Anz [no age given] about her business, journey, and connection to Southside First. Brenda shares how Southside First helped her business grow and also expresses how her business helps others save...

Small Business Success

Please consider these thoughts if you own or operate a small business.

Pam Calary and Joan Schatzman

[Recorded: Thursday, March 17, 2022] Pam Calary (59) and Joan Schatzman (70) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. They share their journeys of coming to Charlottesville, and bond over their mutual profession of running guest-houses in the...