A grandfather shares memories of life in the Delta.

Recorded in Oxford, MS, on November 25, Andrew Atchley asks his grandfather, Randall Atchley, about his life in Rolling Fork, MS. He recalls growing up and the adventure he had. Randall also tells of the freedom a small community can...

My Mom

Interview of Michelle Sutton McDearis Hutcherson’s life

Tom Elo

Talking to papa about a time before myself. Focused on small town life.

Hard Work with Grandma

We talked about her life experiences and how they shaped the person she is.

Gwen Benner interview of Margaret Sohm about her life growing up in rural Iowa in the 60's.

Gwen Benner: 2020-08-25 20:51:30 Gwen Benner talks with Margaret Sohm about her memories of life in rural Iowa and growing up from an adolescent to a young bride in college.

The Story of Jean Eback

I talked with my mother about her life and asked her things I hadn't really thought of before.