Interview of person who inspires me

my mother, 46 years old and we talked about her life and what has happened and what is going to happen going forward.

“We need…more Black women and women of color to be on this campus to get that experience and go back out in the world and do better.”

Malika Jeffries-El ’96, Shelly Davis ’97, and Katrina Mitchell ’96 recount the evolution of Ethos’ objectives from advocating for diversity and inclusion on campus to thinking about the broader aspects of being black women in the world. They touch on...

How the quarantine affected the new generations

interviews a teenager about how the quarantine affected her academically and socially

Interview with Tiffany

Tiffany has struggled with being social and her boyfriend has helped her come along. Because of this she wants to move out of her comfort zone and help those in need

Interview with Bradley Barnett

This interview with my good friend Bradley covers his take on the media today and his opinions on media of the future.

Kathy Johnson Socialization Interview

Today I interviewed my mom Kathy Johnson and we talked about her life, how she came to be who she is today, and the lessons she hopes to teach her children.

Grandma Jill
November 25, 2018 App Interview

We talked about life in the 1940s and what it was like growing up at that time.

My Mothers LIfe Through Music

This interview includes James Grenoble (21) interviewing his mother, Christiana Wilson (55,) on how music has influenced her life. The interview covers how a 55 year old views music now to how she viewed music when she was younger, gives...

COVID-19 implications

I asked Tommy, my interviewee, whether COVID-19 had a bigger social or physical impact on their life

Martinaez Part II: Summary, Analysis, Conclusion

Brian Wiggins shares Part II or Martianez’s story. He gives a Narrative Summary, Analysis, and Conclusion

Jawwad Chowdhury and Samiha Chowdhury

Samiha Chowdhury shared her biggest indifference growing up

Diging Deeper into my Grandma’s History

Because of this video I learned a lot more about my grandmas childhood and some of her favorite memories. I also discovered a lot of new things about my grandma!