Heike Ramsey- Social Worker

Heike and I talked about her college experience, what drove her to be a social worker, and numerous other things that were of paramount importance to her career.

Marcia Darnell, Jenyn Darnell, Curtis Darnell, and Stacey Stephens

Marcia Darnell, 87, interviewed by her three children Jenyn Darnell, Curtis Darnell, and Stacey Darnell Stephens about her work as a social worker in a women's prison right after college, working for a U.S. military program in Japan where she...

Social Work in the Midst of a Pandemic

Two Master's of Social Work students discuss what it’s like to work in child welfare during COVID-19.

Final Project

Sexual assault has been seen as a controversial topic in the U.S. and many people are afraid to talks about it.

History Project

In this interview we talks about my aunties life and what he does for a living.

Child Social Work from the Perspective of a Daycare Teacher

Kim Estep talks about her experience working in a daycare with kids associated with Child Protective Services.

MSASS Trauma in the Community

The topic of community was covered with the viewpoint of an experienced social worker.

Diversity and cultural competency as a brown social worker and providing support for a community that looks like me: Sanjana Ragudaran

Sanjana Ragudaran, Ph. D., MSW, has a heart for migrant experiences, race disparities, and program evaluation as a social worker looking at social welfare, human rights, and social justice and how covid-19 has impacted migrant experience.

Monnie Who Was Not Afraid

91 year old Monnie talks about her life of activism and how she was inspired by her parents who part of the suffrage movement.

Giving Back is Academic: Phylis Peterman

Phylis Peterman is a highly respected teacher and mentor, awarded Rutgers' highest honor for innovative teaching. She shares her story of work in the community and why giving back to students and the community is academic.

Interview with Lata Palekar (Grandmom)

Today, I interviewed my grandma to learn about the person she is. I talked to her about her life, her beliefs of society, and all of the social enterprises that she has started.

Social Worker and Student

I interviewed my social worker to see what her daily life was like dealing with children in need.

A Social Worker’s Journey to Serving America’s Heroes

A social worker from the Department of Veterans Affairs shares his fondest memories and talks about his path to becoming a social worker as well as his experiences with the We Honor Veterans program and how he became chair of...

A few stories from Sugar-tooth Grandma

In this interview, I talked with my grandma about her childhood and social work, which slowly transitioned into a deeper conversation regarding her divorce and the grandpa I’ve never known. She gave me advice about my life looking ahead into...

Phyllis Pleuss

Growing up in a working class family in Pittsburgh, faith, being the first in her family to go to college.

The power of humor in social work and therapy: Rosemarie Poverman

Rosemarie Poverman, MSW, LCSW, grew up with a mindset of alleviating social problems. Having over four decades of expertise shares the impact of therapeutic humor in the mental health of clients and the value that clinicians offer with just a...