George Saba and Sarah Wilkinson

One Small Step conversation partners George "Kate" Saba [no age given] and Sarah Wilkinson (26) share their thoughts on recent elections, the political landscape of the United States, and what causes inequalities amongst US citizens. Kate reflects on her upbringing...

Born in Communism, Lived in Socialism, Moved to Capitalism

I talked to my mother about her childhood and growing up in communist Yugoslavia.

Carson Berrier and Anna Koutsouftikis

One Small Step conversation partners Carson Berrier (23) and Anna Koutsouftikis (18) talk about how they grew up, their religious beliefs, politics, their interests and what they see and hope for their futures.

Tavie Armfield and Meggie Sage D’Aguiar

One Small Step conversation partners Tavie Armfield (68) and Meggie Marie Sage (30) talk about their families, their political values, and immigration.

My mom recalling her childhood life and memories

My mom elaborates on her life in Budapest, Hungary, and what it was like growing up with a socialist government. She also talks about her education and her brother, and how it was mandatory for everyone to learn Russian while...

Scott Benolken and Martha Marnocha

One Small Step partners Scott Benolken (54) and Martha Marnocha (68) share a conversation about their mutual love of the North Shore, the disappearance of the middle class, over-tourism, and finding spirituality in nature.

Monica Whatley and Bandele [no name given]

Monica Whatley (32) interviews her friend, Bandele [no name given] (73), about his incarceration in the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Bandele reflects on what he learned during the 33 years during which he was detained, his relationship...

From Cataluña to Icaria

Interview between Julia Guerrero Reed and her father Roger Reed about their Montaldo ancestors, who were part of the Icarian utopian socialist commune in Illinois and Iowa in the mid-1800’s.

Patrick Rollin Interview with Dad

We began talking about the intersection of culture and politics. We then examined the polarization in politics and current Presidential nominees.

Emily Tompkins and Joseph Loftus

One Small Step partners Emily Tomkins (29) and Joseph "Joe" Loftus (68) discuss their different political beliefs and find common ground around income inequality and being "introverts."

The Yi Family Story

The Yi family discusses the history of socialism and their personal experience with it,

Interview with my mom about her experience as an immigrant
December 3, 2018 App Interview

Lejla Hadzidedic discusses her expectations and experience as an immigrant, as well as the process of adapting to American life. She elaborates on the way her perception of the culture had changed and how it differs to that of Bosnia,...

Dagmar Ebaugh and Sandy S.

One Small Step partners Dagmar Ebaugh (55) and Sandy S. (55) have a conversation where they explore the life experiences that have shaped their political views. As children, they both moved often, which they believe gave them perspective on different...

Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain

This is an interview with my father, who was born and grew up in Poland while it was under authoritarian rule by the Soviet Union.

Dominic [No Name Given] and Aniko Imre

One Small Step participants Dominic Glass [no age given] and Aniko Imre [no age given] discuss their upbringing in California and Hungary, respectively, their outlooks on unions, and their hopes for their children.

Immigration-Anastasia Calkins

My mother immigrating from Russia to the United States and how she shifted cultures.

Jamal [No Name Given] and Jamie Hadwin

One Small Step conversation partners Jamal [No Name Given] (33) and Jamie Hadwin (35) discuss education, capitalism, and funding for public services. They also learn some similarities between their fathers.

Maria Trzcinski and Megan Murray

Maria Duyos Trzcinski (66) talks to her daughter, Megan Murray (30) about her teenage years in Cuba when Fidel Castro came to power. She shares the struggles her family went through after applying to leave the country, and she remembers...

Anita Randrianantoanina and Ronald Washington

One Small Step conversation partners Anita Randrianantoanina (27) and Ronald Washington (51) talk about their families, the Black Lives Matter movement, immigration, and American politics in the wake of the 2016 election.

Dean Berglund and Mary Somnis

One Small Step conversation partners Dean Berglund (60) and Mary Somnis (67) talk about socialism, capitalism, use of the social safety net at different points in their lives, and their love of the North Shore.