Interviewed my roommate on socialization and the differences between Finland and US

SOC 110 Socialization

In this interview I interview my classmate, Britney, and ask her about her values in life and experiences.

The socialization of Nathan Tausch

I interviewed Nathan, a college student, about socialization.

Interview with my dad

interview with my dad about how he raised and socialized me.


Interview with me grandma of how I was socialized growing up

Emma Whitwam interview with Elizabeth Wells-Whitwam

We talked about the different ways in which she was impacted by events in her life and how they shaped her.

Women’s Voices Socialization

I talked about socialization and how it impacted my interviewer life.

Socialization Project Interview

An interview about my life through the eyes of my mom!!

Socialization interview

In this interview, I will be I interviewing my best friend, Shannon Hendricks, about her mom. She will be sharing with us how her mother helped shape the ideals and morals that she too holds today.

Socialization project

This interview is supposed to be on how my mother and father introduced me or influenced me when I was younger.

Socialization and Body Image

This interview was geared towards body positivity, socialization and race and how it affected Brooklyn

sociology interview

i interviewed my mom about family socialization for a sociology project

Socialization: Julia Reddy and Cole Ross

In this interview, we explored how different life events have impacted individual growth. We discuss the importance of our surroundings in determining the people we become over time.