Interview with my mother :o)

I interviewed my mom (& my dad in the background)

Interview with my madre!

Sociology project about raising me.

Linda Detterman and Lynette Hoelter

Linda Detterman (53) and her colleague Lynette Hoelter (48) talk about their work at the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR).

Interview with my dad

interview with my dad about how he raised and socialized me.

First Impressions

Are first impressions lasting impressions. How much do they really matter?

Darius Prather and Leah Prather

Spouses, Darius Prather (35) and Leah Prather (27), discuss the work they do as community activists in their home city, Columbus, GA, the changes Columbus is undergoing, and the better future that they hope to help create for their four...

Socialization project

This interview is supposed to be on how my mother and father introduced me or influenced me when I was younger.

Story corps interview. Jack Schoendienst

We talked a lot about the theme of death and we talked a lot about how Meg’s life was shaped by the people around her and the culture she was in.

Socialization Project Interview

An interview about my life through the eyes of my mom!!

Socialization with My Mom

This is an interview for sociology class regarding parenting affect on children

Ryan Zimmerman and Sarah Stiles

Ryan Zimmerman (22) is interviewed by Sarah Stiles (50) about being a student in her sociology class, perceptions of Georgetown University in regards to social class and advice to future scholarship recipients.

Socialization Project

Questions about Bri revolving around specifics lf socialization.


My mom talking about me being a kid for a sociology project