Emily Lambert and her mother Sindy Lambert discuss childhood and adult life.

In this interview, Emily Lambert (14) interviews her mother Sindy Lambert (37) on November 25, 2017, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mrs. Lambert shares about her childhood and the influences her parents and husband, Chuck Lambert, had on her. She discusses...

Interview #3

Talked about work related experience and passion for various creative fields.

First Impressions

Are first impressions lasting impressions. How much do they really matter?

Claire R. Lynch Socialization project

My mom is being interviewed about the socialization of my sisters and I growing up.

Interview with my Mom!

Asking my mom questions about socialization

Sociology Interview with my Mom

Interview with my mom about what I was like as a child and how she raised me

Socialization Project

Questions about Bri revolving around specifics lf socialization.

Socialization Project

Interviewing my mother about specific aspects of raising me throughout my life.

Socialization with My Mom

This is an interview for sociology class regarding parenting affect on children

Socialization Project

I interview my mom about myself to gain a better understanding of socialization.

Parent Interview

this is my mom and how she raised me