Sue Ellis and John Espey

Sue Espey Ellis (55) talks with her father, John Espey (83), about growing up in Clearwater, Florida, attending the same college of Florida State University, Chicago, segregation and desegregation of the north and south.

Jennifer Ferro and Kathryn Jeffery, Ph.D.

Jennifer Ferro (51) has the opportunity to ask her friend, colleague, and supervisor Dr. Kathyrn Jeffery [no age given] about her life growing up in Oklahoma as a Black woman in times of segregation. They talk about how life has...

Kimberly Scott and Deborah Clark

Deborah Clark (60) interviews her friend and colleague, Dr. Kimberly Scott [no age given], about her career, the different museums she has visited, and the people she considers her heroes.

Borden Wilson and Clay Wilson

Siblings Borden Wilson (57) and Clay Wilson (62) discuss childhood memories of growing up in Texas then moving to Florida. They talk about losing their father at a young age, growing closer over the years, taking care of their 93...

Anne Bump

Broadly answers time spent working and gives advice on choosing a sorority.

BioChemistry meets Psychology Marisa Shively talks to Leeanna Ruegg about her adolescence experience

Marisa Shively, 20, interviews her housemate Leeanna Ruegg,18, who is in her second year at Eastern Michigan University on November 29th 2021, about her adolescent experiences and her future goals. This interview is an assignment given by Dr. McCarroll for...

Sorority nationals Focus Plan

We spoke of the altering views regarding the recent plan our sorority has been put on to improve the chapter as a whole.

A mom of 40+ girls

After a recommendation from a friend, Moma J becomes a mom of 40+ girls.