Child of War

Nadia Ardah tells her story of growing up in Afghanistan and having to leave it due to the invasion of Soviets. She explains her story of leaving her once beloved country and traveling across the world to America.

Gary Moore: Thoughts and Experiences during the Cold War Part 2

We discussed Gary’s experiences and beliefs on various events from the Cold War, including the end of Vietnam, the Space Race and Moon Landing, the U.S. Oil Embargo, S.A.L.T., the Iranian Revolution and hostage situation, Soviet-Afghanistan War, and Chernobyl and...

Hashim Hesham and Hosai Hesham

Hosai Hesham (43) speaks with her father Hashim Hesham (70) about their work as doctors treating COVID-19 patients and share memories and reflections from their life in Pakistan and Afghanistan before moving to the United States.